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ghd Scarlet Deluxe Collection!

I've used ghd straighteners for the last 5 years, but before using them I used Kodo straighteners, believing that since they were solid ceramic and got to the same temperature, they'd be just as good but without the larger price tag. And they were good, until the day that I tried my sister's ghd's and realised how much better they were, in pretty much every way, ease of use, results etc. The difference was so noticeable that I ditched the Kodo straighteners immediately in favour of a pair of ghd Mark 4's and I've used these ever since, they haven't failed me yet!

The new ghd Deluxe Scarlet Collection gift set is a thing of beauty, in every way! When I received the box, I think I might have squeeled a little at its gorgeous presentation. A beautiful box, with Art Deco styling, containing a gorgeous, scarlet red clutch bag, a travel hair dryer, 2 sectioning clips (that actually do hold hair well), a vanity case (useful and looks good) and of course, the ghd Classic Gold styler with new, red plates and separate heat guard.
The scarlet bag, which, like the box has distinct Art Deco styling, really has the wow factor and when you open the box, I expect it will be the first thing that catches your eye, like it was for me. I'd be happy to take it out with me, let alone store my straighteners in it, which is its primary purpose - you can even put your straighteners into this bag when hot, as it's heat resistant, which makes it perfect for travelling.

Along with the heat resistant bag, the set contains a dedicated heat guard that slips over the plates of the straighteners that will protect surfaces from being burned whilst in use. I have found these to be useful, although you do need to position them perfectly, or be faced with faffing to get them on and off if they're not at the right angle. You'll get a feel for this within minutes of using it, so it's not too much of a problem at all.
Talking of the plates, I mentioned that they're red, but they also have a slight sparkle to them which totally appeals to the magpie in me, although I haven't been able to capture them very well in the photographs below. Although not an essential thing, I do think think this adds a lovely touch to the look of the straighteners and makes them feel a bit more glamorous in the process, which is totally in keeping with the collection as a whole.

The plates also seem smoother than on my previous model, which is great for straightening as there's less drag and catching, however I do find curling with these slightly more diffiult - which I expect is due to this, as there's less 'grab' so to speak. Not such a problem as these days I generally use specific tools for curling anyway!
The straighteners are pretty much the same design as your average ghd in every other way, other than the red styling and a slightly larger, easier to use power switch, and they work in exactly the same way.

However, I have noticed that they don't get quite as hot as my ghd MK4 straighteners, and whilst this isn't such a bad thing as it's kinder to your hair, I do find it takes a little bit longer to get the same smooth effect - not long enough to make this a deal breaker, just an extra stroke or so, depending on the thickness of the hair you're using it on.

There's no way of controlling the temperature either, which I suspect is why they've made them slightly kinder to hair as I'd expect it's better to give the option for people to use an extra stroke for thicker/coarser hair, than it is for people with finer hair to scorch/damage their hair with the hotter plates.

Finally, the dryer that comes with the set is actually quite good - it's great for travelling as the handle folds and makes the unit even more compact, yet it still packs enough power to actually dry hair, which some travel hairdryers I've owned in the past have failed to do.
All in all, this collection is a success, it looks good, and works well too. It's a perfect option for a gift, as I think it will wow the recipient - or even just a nice treat for yourself!

Available from for £149!

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