Friday, July 11, 2014

Sam & Nic Chapman aka Pixiwoo to Tour UK With Real Techniques!

Makeup artists and YouTube/Blogging gurus, Sam and Nic Chapman are/heading off on an official 5 day tour of the UK in August with Real Techniques, the makeup brush brand designed by the pair that has taken the UK by storm, to meet their customers and fans.

During the tour they will be demonstrating hot makeup looks, giving makeup application tips and advice, answering any all important beauty questions that you may have for them, and posing for photographs too.

If this sounds like something you want to get involved with, you can catch the talented duo in the following locations:

  • Monday 4th August - 5pm to 7pm; Superdrug, Marble Arch, 508 – 520 Oxford Street, London W1C 1NB 
  • Tuesday 5th August - 5pm to 7pm; Boots, 116 Cribbs Causeway Regional Shopping Centre, Patchway, Bristol, BS34 5UP 
  • Wednesday 6th August - 5pm to 7pm; Superdrug Beauty Studio, 51-52 St David’s Centre, Cardiff, CF10 2DQ 
  • Thursday 7th August - 5pm to 7pm; Boots, Trafford Centre, 10 Peel Ave, Manchester, M17 8BD 
  • Friday 8th August - 12pm to 2pm; Boots, Jervis Shopping Centre, 125 Upper Abbey St, Dublin 1, Ireland

I'm hoping to attend the Manchester leg of the tour, so hopefully I'll see you there. :-) x

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Friday, May 9, 2014

Imperial Leather Foamburst Shower Gel - Honey & Almond and Sweet Vanilla & Cherry!

There are not many better feelings in life than being fresh out of the shower in my opinion, and so choosing a shower gel that makes you smell great, and feel as fresh as a daisy is very important to me. So, when I was given the opportunity to trial a couple of the new Imperial Leather Foamburst fragrances, I jumped at the chance, as I’ve always got on well with their products in the past.

The new fragrances each have their own genie to represent them, and with that, their own ‘personality’ which you can read up on here that reflect their individual scent.

I was sent the Sweet Vanilla/Cherry Blossom (Sebastian) and Honey & Almond (Cael) varieties to test out, and both are absolutely lovely.

The Sweet Vanilla and Cherry Blossom Foamburst is a stronger, more noticeable sweeter scent with a big hit on the cherry front to my nose. This is totally up my street as I do love a strong scent, especially when I’m not necessarily layering up on other fragrances. Great for you sweet scent lovers out there.
The Honey and Almond is a more subtle fragrance, just a nice clean and fresh scent… which I also love for a different reason; as sometimes you want your other fragrances (perfume, body lotion etc.) to do the talking, and this variety works much better in this instance, as fragrance clashes are never a good thing in my book. This is also perfect for those of you who don’t necessarily want a lot of fragrance, just a neutral, clean scent.

The thing I like about the Foamburst range is that the products really are true to their name. Literally moments after squirting out the gel, you see the gel turn white and start to foam in your hand. This makes it feel a lot more luxurious and expensive than it actually is, at £2.99 per bottle. Plus there’s something totally satisfying about seeing it foam up like this for me, is this weird? Maybe, ha!

However, this also means you don’t need to use as much product to start with, meaning it’s cost effective, and also means that it’s perfect for using not only for washing, but for shaving too – therefore saving you more money on having to buy extra products.

They say you get 40 uses from one 200ml can, which at full RRP of £2.99 per can works out at approximately 7p per shower, which is dirt cheap (pun intended). I’d agree with this, as you really don’t need to use a huge amount per wash, since the foam covers a large area, especially when used with a sponge, or flannel.

All in all, I would totally recommend this range from my experiences so far. I’m very much a luxury end of the scale kinda girl; and this, even though it doesn’t have a huge price tag or designer name, still ticks all the boxes for me on every level… so a big thumbs up here.

*In association with Imperial Leather, my views remain unaffected by this.

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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Speechless Saturday!

This made me laugh out loud.

Have a great bank holiday weekend my lovelies. x

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Moving House... Back Soon. x

Didn't realise I had so much 'stuff'... 3 days to pack a full (and I mean full) house up: challenge ON! x

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Friday, March 28, 2014

eBay Introduces New Collections Tool - See My Collections & Tell me What You Think!

eBay to me has always been the place that I turned to when I couldn’t find an item in stock, or had baulked at paying, or just couldn’t stretch to paying full price for something in a shop/online. Yep, it’s hit and miss as to what you find on there, but that’s the beauty of it as, whilst at times it may not have what you’re looking for, you can set up alerts for these searches… and when you get that email saying something you had been looking for has been listed, it is game on!!

Sometimes though, eBay can be daunting, with the sheer volume of items on there that it can be hard to find the products you want, especially when running with a theme, or trying to match them up to other items in general. So, eBay have come up with a pretty cool solution with their new Collections tool, a way of saving, and showing items that you think work well together.

This is perfect for your own organisational reasons or for sharing with friends and family; and I can totally imagine this working well for things like birthday and Christmas wish lists, as when people are asking what you’d like, you can just point them in the direction of your collections. Clever, huh?!

In preparation for the launch, eBay asked me to make some collections of my own and so I spent a good few hours scouring the site to see what treats took my fancy. You could say this was just a more elaborate form of my usual way to window shop, where I add everything I would like to own into any given ‘cart’, see the total cost, laugh (and cry) before closing the tab in defeat – as attempting to whittle down any shopping cart like that is near on impossible for this indecisive lady. ;-)

Here are just a few of my favourite collections from all of the collections I have been making (all clickable):
Modern Twist on a Vintage Wedding
Natural Glamour.
Wild About Animal Print.
Girls Night Out!
All Hail The Nail.

The rest can be found HERE!

The collections format actually reminds me somewhat of Pinterest, and other similar sites in the way that you add items, and the way it appears overall, and I think it’s going to be a great addition to the site. I’m already making more collections to lust after, in the hope that I come into some money. Ha.

What do you think about the new addition? Have you seen or used the new collections tool? Could you make use of it? x

P.S: Apologies if you're using a mobile to view this post, if the images are a bit wonky - not entirely sure what has happened with that.

This post has been sponsored by eBay.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Monday, March 3, 2014

Deichmann Collaborate With Fashion Blogger, Caroline Blomst for Spring Summer 2014!

Most people have their ‘thing’ when it comes to fashion… be that dresses, hats, bags, jewellery, shoes or whatever else takes their fancy. Me? I’m an ‘everything’ kinda girl. I like things, I like lots of them and they have to meet my exacting style standards; especially as I’m also incredibly indecisive. However, it has to be said that I do hold a dear place in my heart, and my wardrobe, for shoes. You see shoes are the only things I could always rely on, even at my heaviest, to fit me.

So am I a ‘shoe’ person? Why yes, yes I am.

When it comes to purchasing shoes, I’m totally a Carrie wannabe, in that I would love to be able to say that my budget stretched to the likes of Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahniks to be worn as my shoes du jour; alas, I tend to be more of a high street girl. That’s not such a bad thing though, as the good thing about fashion these days is that you don’t actually have to spend the earth on an outfit for it to look good, or make a statement.

This is why I love brands that pull out all the stops to bring us designs that look great, but without the threat of bankruptcy, or broken hearts due to our weeping bank balances. It’s not even necessarily that you end up saving as much as you think, as if you’re anything like me, money off/money saved just means you can buy more. Half price? This to me just means I can buy twice as much!

Which brings me onto the new spring/summer 2014 collection from forward thinking European shoe brand, Deichmann, which launched today (here) and was under heavy embargo so as excited as I was to tell you, I was unable to do so!

The collection, comprising of 7 different shoe designs has been designed in collaboration with Swedish fashion uber-blogger and all round fashionista Caroline Blomst, is to be stocked in store and online by Deichmann UK, with prices starting from just £17.99 and reaching no higher than £27.99. Good news for your bank balances, girls!

Video footage of the collection, provided by Deichmann UK.

The collection was an instant hit when I saw it, and whilst I might not wear every pair of shoes myself, I think that it's bang on many trends that are current right now. The 2 styles from within the group that totally caught my eye were these beauties:
Peep toe shoe boot with cut out detail, 27.99

These boots are so flexible, and could be worn with pretty much anything from your wardrobe, from jeans and leggings to skirts, dresses or even shorts; meaning they will easily span throughout any season. The 4.5 inch heel is fairly high, and with only a very slight platform to offset the height too. However, I found these shoes more comfortable than I first thought they would when they arrived with me, largely due to the fact that the boot styling almost fully encases the foot, instantly giving much needed support to the foot and ankle (the adjustable fastening adds to the overall look of the boots and can be tightened or loosened to suit your ankle size thus avoiding the shoe slipping off the foot as you walk - safe as well as stylish?
Peep toe with drop side and metallic heel, £27.99
These glam metallic accented heels are possibly my favourite item as they totally appeal to my glam nature and weekend wardrobe of bodycons and bandage dresses. The design is also mega flattering as they instantly lengthen your legs, and who here doesn't want longer looking legs?! Metallic accented shoes featured highly at Paris Fashion week recently, so these are totally now, however I expect to get wear from these for quite some time to come! Adore.

 My final thoughts?
You can see the thought that has gone into the collection as a whole; and it's apparent that whilst style is high up on the agenda, Caroline also wanted these shoes to get a lot of wear, with comfort also seemingly factoring highly.

Her consideration that the designs were versatile, and could be styled with a plethora of different outfits, tailored to your own personal style preference, is also glaringly obvious; and I'm quite sure that this collection would not look out of place on any of the fashionistas that we all know and love.

Unfortunately my camera gave up the ghost which meant that I could not shoot the shoes sent to me in the manner I had planned, so I apologise for the stock images, but it at least ensures that you actually see the collection.

View the boot-y!

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