Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Up to 20% Off Real Techniques Brushes Between 15th-28th May at Cloud 10 Beauty!

Yep, that's right, you can get up to 20% off your Real Techniques brush purchases from tomorrow at Cloud 10 Beauty. These brushes are designed by make-up artist, YouTube guru and one half of Pixiwoo, Samantha Chapman, and look pretty darn good, although I have yet to try them out myself (I will be doing so very soon though)!

Spend £20/€20 on Real Techniques, and get 10% off the total using code: realtechniques10
Spend £40/€40 on Real Techniques and get 20% off the total using code: realtechniques20

Not bad, eh! Will you be purchasing? Have you tried Real Techniques brushes, if so, what did you think? x

20% OFF Real Techniques Brushes when you spend £40 using code realtechniques20 on Cloud10Beauty

10% OFF Real Techniques Brushes when you spend £20 using code realtechniques10 on Cloud10Beauty

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

New Life, New (ish) Hair!

Foil Head - With Normal colour applied and bleach in the foiled sections.
"I'm going to wash that man right out of my hair"... or at least colour him out of it!

Sooo, once I had got my head around the massive change in my life, I decided that although I LOVE my hair colour as it is, that it might be nice to have a slight change... and something I've wanted to try with my current hair colour for some time, is having orange slices or sections running through it.

I discussed this with the technician at the Wella Studio and said it was either going to be a genius idea, or totally horrific. She seemed quite enthusiastic about the orange/purple-y combination, and so it was decided that I'd have a number of orange 'tips' woven into my hair, in a kind of balayage fashion.
Orange being applied.
My usual colour was applied to my roots and to the ends that weren't being changed, and a tonne of bleach applied to the chosen ends to make sure the orange was bright, and vibrant. Once the bleach and colour had done their thing, my hair was rinsed, shampooed and the orange dye mixed up and applied. There was actually no going back at this point, and so I might have been ever so slightly shitting myself at how the end result would look.
Eek, a bit disappointed at this point.
Fast forward to drying time, after the final rinse and I was a bit disappointed. The colour looked a bit wishy washy, not as bright, or orange as I had imagined. However, once my hair had been fully dried and styled, I was actually over the moon with the end result. Ok, it could have been a bit brighter and more orange, but I was so pleased with how it looked overall, especially when curled with hair straighteners (which is how I do my hair, mostly anyway), that I didn't mind this.
Finished result.
I walked out of the salon with a massive smile on my face; the orange was a complete success, and one that I'll be continuing for some time to come as I can't see me getting bored of it any time soon. I love it.

What I will say though, is that the orange did wash out very quickly, pretty much the first wash. However I was sent home with a bottle of Colour Fresh in shade 7/43 to refresh the orange on every other wash, until my next appointment, which is next week - so hopefully the orange shade will start to build up and stay put longer next time.

What do you think, do you think it works?

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Last minute sale! 45% off Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish - Until 10am Tomorrow!

"Hurray! Our iconic Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser has won 'Best Classic Beauty Product – Prestige' at the CEW(UK) 2013 Beauty Awards, and to celebrate we’ve lined up an incredible offer.

Until 10:00 am tomorrow Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser and two muslin cloths will be at our original 1995 price of £9.50!"


This is just a quick post to let you know about this offer, as this hot cloth cleanser is highly regarded throughout the beauty industry, and to get it at such a fantastic price just has to be reported on. Enjoy. :-)

This post originated at www.thebeautyscoop.co.uk

I'm Back...

Hello lovelies.

It's been quite some time since I've felt able to write anything that didn't sound sad and pathetic due to what has been going on in my life this year, however I have actually started to feel like I'm ready to come back - or at least ease myself back into writing/blogging as I have missed it (and you guys) so, so much.

To just give a very short version of why I have been away for so long, as I don't want to get too deep about it on here, my fiancé of over 9 years (Mr Beauty Scoop) decided that whilst we were trying for a baby, he'd actually quite like to have an affair with somebody at work for a few weeks in his lunch half hour, in the back of my car. Anyway, I tried to save the relationship but he decided to carry on going behind my back and lying to me... and then left me anyway. Some other stuff went on, but I don't feel able to go into that as I'm not over that bit yet, but obviously my life has been turned upside down, inside out and god knows whatever else.

I'm getting through it though, I've started living a life again, going out with friends old and new and am actually finding some happiness in my new situation. Another silver lining in this is that I've lost a LOT of weight (down to a size 12 from a size 16 back in December/January), and have now joined a gym to tone up... just look at the top image, I have a waist now (although that was before I started going to the gym) and the image below, I'm getting cheekbones again (again, same night before I started going to the gym) haha.
I've had some really lovely emails from some of you over the time I've been away, that I just haven't felt able to reply to without bursting into tears or whatever; but this will be one of the first tasks on my 'to do' list, along with the 3,000+ other emails that need dealing with. Apologies to those waiting for replies, my sad and pathetic sounding writing has also applied to the email side of things... so I just took myself away completely, in the hope it would get me back sooner. :-)

Thanks for sticking around, I really appreciate it - onwards and upwards. xxxx

This post originated at www.thebeautyscoop.co.uk
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