Friday, July 26, 2013

Holy Macaroni, Look at These Shoes!

I'm just browsing the internet, hypothetically (mostly) spending money I don't have on things I probably don't need, and I came across these odd shoes from Schuh. They're £155 (eek)... and part of me thinks they're genius, but part of me (I think a larger part) thinks they're pretty hideous too.

They're slightly better in the other colours available, but I'm still not sold on them:

What do you think?

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Kate & William Welcome Their Son, George into the World... and Kate Still has her Baby Bump, Hurrah!

Congratulations to Kate & William on the birth of their son, George. Lovely news and so much nicer to see things like this in the news, rather than all the doom and gloom, don't you think?!

How refreshing it is to see somebody in the public eye having a baby, and coming back into public view with their baby bump still intact and having not had a tummy tuck, or god knows what else to instantly flatten her stomach too. Fair play to her.

More people (celebrities) should take note and stop putting pressure on new mums who are not in the public eye to ping back into shape after giving birth. The time after birth should be spent getting to know your child, not having a nip and tuck (more recovery time) or exercising to within an inch of your life and depriving yourself of calories (losing vital nutrients if breastfeeding your new baby too) to lose your baby weight.

I think they'll make fabulous parents, and look forward to more pictures of their gorgeous new arrival.

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Deal: 22% Off Everything (Except Sigma Products) at Cloud 10 Beauty Until Midnight Tonight!

I have another discount code for you (although I am working on other review posts and beach body articles for you too - I'm just working a bit slower than usual due to what went on and the fall out from it), but it's a quickie of an offer, so I wanted to get it up so you could take advantage of it today, if you've been eyeing anything (other than Sigma products) up at Cloud 10 Beauty! I've pasted the details below, hope it's of use to you. xx

"To celebrate the birth of the Royal baby on the 22nd July, we are offering 22% OFF on using code PRINCE.

This offer is valid until midnight 24th July 2013 & is not valid on Sigma Beauty products."

22% OFF on Cloud 10 Beauty until midnight 24th July 2013 using code PRINCE

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sigma Beauty 20% code Valid Until Monday 29th July (12AM CST)!

I love my Sigma brushes, they have quickly become my staple make-up brushes since I got my first set sent to me to review via the old affiliate incentive program.

I have since purchased many more (to be reviewed on here very soon) because they are high quality brushes that apply make-up beautifully, and with ease but don't break the bank. I also find they wash well and keep their shape - although I have also bought their Dry'n' Shape to help with that, and also to speed up the drying process after washing my brushes - since before I tended to be a little *too* lazy with that, due to long drying times and my impeccable impatience, ha!

Anyway, I received an email to tell me of their latest 20% off code which can be used until Midnight (12AMCST), Monday, July 29th 2013, and thought I'd pass it on to you guys, in case you were toying with the idea of making a purchase. I highly recommend their Synthetic Sigmax range, especially the face brushes, specifically the F80 and F82... perfect for applying liquid foundation AND Bare Escentuals mineral powder too.

To get your 20% discount, simply enter code: SBAP20 at checkout.

Not bad eh?!

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Thursday, July 11, 2013

I Don't Have a Drink Problem, But I Do Need These in My Life.

Since I've been single, my social life has been my life. I have lived for the weekends, and spent a lot of time with friends. This has made a massive dent in my bank balance, since getting tipsy in clubs and pubs isn't the cheapest way to get your tipsy on.

So when I heard about a couple of fashion items that could carry booze secretly, my interest was immediately piqued, especially as I tend to drink spirits, since they're less calorific (gin is almost healthy, since it's made with berries, practically one of your five a day, surely?! Ha!), less bloating, and you can sneak more volume in than things like wine and beer.

Unfortunately it appears that these are either available from the USA (with expensive shipping costs), or expensive full stop, so I shall be on the hunt for something similar over here/for less, in a bid to get leathered for less.

The first thing on my *need to have* list just HAS to be this fantastic bracelet from Cynthia Rowley ($225 from which is made from stainless steel. You can order from outside of the US by contacting them directly here! I have no idea how much it holds, but frankly, I don't care as I love the chunky styling of the bracelet anyway. The image on the right is apparently Gwyneth Paltrow, who is also meant to be a fan, and if it's good enough for her, it's good enough for me. ;-)
The final thing, which I can only find on American sites is the "Wine Rack Flask Bra" for $27.59 (but works out at about $82 with shipping to UK, eek), which is genius... but I'd never put wine in it; I mean who would want warm wine?

This is perfect for spirits in my opinion, as you could buy a mixer with ice in, and top it up with your bra haha. The only concern for me would be the decreasing boobs throughout the night, and also the space left in the top half of your clothing.

Do you have any top tips for sneaking booze into events, what's the most creative you've been when doing this... or am I alone in my plight? xx

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