Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Darphin Age Defying Dermabrasion!

Advantages: Exfoliates brilliantly whilst still gentle on skin, smooths skin, basically it does what it says it will.

Disadvantages: Price.

Darphin is a French company that was established in 1958 by Pierre Darphin. He is said to have revolutionized professional beauty care with unique, luxurious aromatic-plant based formulas and his personal belief was that pleasure is a critical catalyst to enhancing personal beauty.

These days Darphin say that they integrate breakthrough cosmetic and dermatological technology with extracts and essences of aromatic plants by using exacting combinations of these finest aromatic essences. They also still maintain the belief that pleasure plays a bit part in beauty; that feeling beautiful and looking beautiful are inextricably bound which is why they design every product to be delightful to use both in the feel of the product but also the scent – which is where the extract and essences come into force. Aromatherapy seems to play a big part in this company’s ethos.
I decided to try this product because on paper it ticked a few of the requirement boxes: exfoliating – check, anti ageing – check, still gentle on the skin – check! As you may have noticed with some of my reviews I am on a bit of an anti-ageing mission, trying to find good products to help my skin fight off those nasty horrible lines and wrinkles as I get older so that I can try to prevent rather than cure them further down the line; so this really appealed to me as my skin can be quite dry and needs a lot of exfoliating usually. A lot of exfoliation products can be quite harsh on the skin so I was very interested to see how this fared, whether it would still be quite harsh but exfoliate well, whether it would be gentle on the skin but not exfoliate well or whether it would just do as it claims it would.

From the box: 

‘Institute-inspired, anti-aging dermabrasion rejuvenates as it polishes skin to perfection. Natural exfoliants (Silica, Pearl, and Lava) make this delectable, creamy complexion-slougher gentle enough for sensitive skin; powerful enough to help reduce the look of pores, age spots, discolorations and to visibly smooth lines and wrinkles. Scoop a small amount on fingertips and massage in circular motions over damp skin (or dry skin for greater exfoliation). Avoid eye area. Rinse off with luke warm water. For optimal results: follow with application of the Youthful Radiance Camellia Mask. Dermatologist tested.’

Inside the box there is the jar of product itself, a little spatula to ensure the product stays as sterile as possible, a consumer card that you can send to Darphin to receive beauty advice (if you want it) and a leaflet stating other Darphin products (peels and masks) and short snippets of information about each of them.
The texture of the product feels very gritty (like a very fine grit though) when you rub it between your fingers (and on your face) but not so gritty that it hurts to use it. It’s also quite creamy though, which I think is partly what stops it being too rough for your skin.

I tend to apply it to my dry skin with slightly damp hands so that the product gives maximum exfoliation but is also able to be spread across my face easily; thus using a little less product but also so that the products goes on easier. I spend about 5 minutes massaging it into each bit of my face in an upwards circular motion, getting into all areas including around the nose especially to make sure that all parts of my face get the benefit of using this product.
Rinsing this product off is easy but you need to make sure all remaining product is removed and no gritty residue is left on there.  
After using this product for the first time my skin was a little bit red for about 10 minutes after but it felt so smooth, and so healthy. I used my Eve Lom day cream to moisturise after and then applied my makeup as usual. I noticed that my makeup went on a lot easier, probably because there was no longer any dead skin loitering around ready to ruin any foundation and powder I applied.
After using this product continuously (twice per week) for about 4 weeks I noticed my skin felt in much better condition overall, it seemed plumper and more refreshed too. The difference in using this compared to a normal exfoliating face washes was huge, as normal ones to me always seemed to leave my skin feeling like it could still take a bit more exfoliation but not anymore use of the face wash as they always felt quite harsh and made my skin quite sore.

I found some of the claims on the website and have decided to respond to each one individually in order to show how the product lives up to each of them.
Refines skin texture: I think the texture of my skin has improved dramatically since using the product. I don’t think it has felt so smooth since before I was in my teens.

Visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles: I didn’t really have any wrinkles to start with, I do have a few fine lines threatening to appear though and whilst it hasn’t made them disappear, I do feel that my skin condition has improved enough overall to make them a little less noticeable. 

Diminishes the appearance of dark spots: I didn’t have any dark spots (that I could see anyway), but my skin can be quite blotchy at times and this seems to have diminished somewhat since using this product.

Promotes a luminous complexion: My skin is much more luminous these days; it no longer looks dull because of dead skin cells that are still there that regular exfoliating face washes have left behind. 

The product does cost a lot more than I would usually pay for this kind of product at £48, but I really think that sometimes you do need to spend a little bit more to get the kind of effect that you are aiming for; especially when it comes to skincare as you only get one chance to keep your skin naturally in good condition. It is currently being sold on jasonshankey.co.uk for £43.20 for a small saving.

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Beautiful Essie Autumn 2010 Collection!

Essie Autumn 2010 Collection

I love the long days that summer brings, even though the ‘summer’ we’ve had is nothing to be proud of;  and thus I’m dreading the shorter days and longer nights that are coming imminently as we hurtle towards autumn and winter.

One thing that has brightened my day and given me something to look forward to in autumn is the Essie 2010 autumn nail polish collection. The collection contains a beautiful selection of hues, perfect for the impending colder weather and darker nights.

“This season’s runways showcased a mix of traditional glamour, chic urban warriors and eclectic colour combinations that has us revved up for fall! The feeling is dark, sexy and minimalist, dominated by a posh palette of decadent, velvet textures and reflective, metallic embellishments.

This fall, designers are mixing it up, combining sheer fabric with leather along with lingerie as outer wear in deep, muted tones and bold colours palettes which is very alluring; explains Essie Weingarten, Founder/President of Essie.I drew inspiration from the range of elegant, sanguine hues and camouflage tones.

Essies new fall 2010 collection embodies the essence of these eclectic fashions with autumnal pops of colour in 6 stunning new shades that are perfect match to falls exquisitely refined accessories and finely tailored ensembles.”

Spectrum of Colours:

  • In Stitches - Cheeky blush pink
  • Limited Addiction - Racy garnet red
  • Sew Psyched - Cashmere soft sage pewter
  • Merino Cool - Sensuous autumn mulberry
  • Velvet Voyeur - Intense chocolate amethyst
  • Little Brown Dress - Beguiling black coffee

These must have polishes are due for release on September 1st in the US - I’m hoping this is the same for the UK as I am SO excited to get my hands on all of them.

Swatches here!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lancôme La Base Pro Perfecting Makeup Primer

Advantages: Smooth skin, Long lasting makeup, Great makeup finish, Good value 

Disadvantages: May be a bit expensive for some people, even for a product that works well!

I don’t know about you but a few weeks ago I got to the end of my tether because I was sick and tired of spending time applying my makeup, only for it to slide all over and sometimes even off my face hours into the day/evening. Not only was this frustrating and a waste of my time, but it was also a waste of perfectly decent makeup.

I saw this primer on the boots website and it looked like it could be just the product that I needed. It said it was inspired by makeup artistry techniques and promises to reveal the secret to a professional-finish complexion. It also said that it was a translucent makeup base with an ultra soft finish that smooth’s the skins surface and boosts makeup results. I also noted that it had received a 5 out of 5 star rating on its one and only review; I decided that it was worth a punt as I trust Lancôme as a brand.

I was so excited when it arrived that I put it to the test straight away.  The leaflet that comes with the product states that it should be applied to cleaned and moisturised skin, which I had already done in anticipation.

This product box says that it resurfaces and preps the skin using their innovative ‘Elasto-smooth’ technology that visibly resurfaces the skin. This means that all imperfections such as visible pores, fine lines and signs of tiredness appear instantly smoothed away and skin feels silky soft.
I can honestly say that this was true in my case; I wasn’t expecting to see such a (or in fact any) difference without even having put any make up on at this point. It wasn’t so much a miracle transformation into model perfect skin but I could definitely see that my skin looked smoother and more refreshed than it did before I put the primer on.

The product also states that it ‘boosts makeup results and improves its hold and that the oil free texture helps to control shine and glides on seamlessly’. It then states to ‘apply your best suited Lancôme face makeup product for a more evened complexion and enhanced blendability’.
Personally I was a bit worried when I first felt the texture of the serum as it was so silky on my fingers that I thought that it could make my skin too oily, even though it contained no oil within it. I was so very wrong, thankfully. The serum glided on and my skin felt amazing, velvety smooth and not at all greasy in any way.

The instructions say that you should deposit the serum onto your fingertips and then to blend towards the outer contour of your face; It then says to blend your foundation or powder with a brush or your fingertips and then repeat the action down the nose, along the cheekbones and around the chin. I found it just as easy to apply it all over my face before putting on any foundation or powder and don’t think it made a difference in how the product worked on me personally.

The end result was brilliant: Easy to apply foundation, even skin and tone, and smooth fresh looking makeup finish that looked natural but in the best possible way. I was able to add glow in the form of a Bobbi Brown shimmer brick, whilst feeling comfortable that my skin wouldn’t go shiny all over on top of the shimmer (which would be overload) and this is something I’m never usually confident in my skin enough to do. I also applied it around the eye area and on the lids and this really helped in keeping my eye makeup where I had put it, and without creases. I honestly feel that my makeup has never looked this good, or lasted as long as it does when I use this product. My fiancé who doesn’t usually bother looking too close into my makeup said that my makeup looked really classy and smooth – now if that isn’t a (possibly backhanded) compliment then I don’t know what is, haha!

I must also mention that I have tried this primer with a variety of foundations ranging from your everyday No.7, 17 and Rimmel foundations; to more expensive ones including Benefit and Bobbi Brown. I have even used it with cheap mineral make up (Rimmel and L’oreal) and my Laura Mercier mineral powder. Each time I have had a great result, and a long lasting one for that matter too.

When I went to V Festival this was my obvious choice to take in my attempt to travel light and it worked a treat. My make up stayed put all day, I didn’t have to carry any spare in my bag, nor go back to the tent on numerous occasions to reapply. Even on the last evening of V when it rained, my make up stayed where I wanted it to be; this is something I have never experienced when not using this product, not ever!

When it comes to taking makeup off after using this product, you’d expect there may be a bit of a struggle but actually I was really surprised to find that it came off easily using my normal cleanser. I am always a bit reluctant to take the makeup off when I’ve used this if truth be told, as it usually still looks like I’ve just put it on.

I feel like my skin has benefitted immensely from using this product as my sister made a comment that my skin looked better than usual, even when I was wearing no makeup and no primer. I am wondering if this is because the primer stops the direct contact that my makeup has with my skin or whether it has some long term skin benefits to add to the list. Either way, I am not complaining.

I’m trying to think of any real downside of this product that needs to be mentioned (apart from it making me not want to remove my makeup as mentioned above) but I am finding it very difficult to do so; the only niggle I guess would possibly the initial price outlay of £25 for 25ml of product, but to be honest I think it’s quite a fair price for a product that does what it says it will do. You must also remember that you don’t have to use half a bottle of this to get the desired result as this serum goes a long way. In all fairness I would probably be happy paying for one of these every month if I had to, but this isn’t necessary as I do believe this bottle will last much longer than that.

Summary: Primed and ready for action. A worthy purchase, fully recommended.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Aldi Lacura 'Wrinkle Stop' With Syn-Ake - My Thoughts.

When using this product, I found that the serum is actually creamier than I expected and has an opaque look to it rather than translucent, the smell is subtle but quite nice for the short time that I could smell it.

To apply it is fairly easy, although the cannula can take a little more work to hold in a comfortable and accurate position. I think this would be easily solved with either more of a rubbery texture around the whole tube to give it more grip, or larger 'winged' areas at the top where you could hold on to the tube better to stop it sliding through your fingers as you apply the product.

When applying you really need to remember that less is more so be gentle when pushing the tube as you don't want to waste any product as although it is a bargain price, money wasted is still money wasted at the end of the day! I apply the product only to the specific areas as directed, as this is not a serum or moisturiser for the whole face; the areas I apply it to are the forehead, around the eyes (where crow's feet are likely to appear) and laughter lines as I thought if this product did work as it said it would that I really didn't want to end up with a wonky face from applying it in the wrong areas.

As with all my face creams and serum I tend to massage/rub upwards as much as possible to try and counteract gravity (try being the operative word); I'm not sure if this makes a difference or not but I thought I'd throw it out there as I'd heard it can help either in a magazine or on a TV show. I do leave a bit of the serum to absorb naturally rather than rubbing it in to within an inch of its life too. On the skin I found this serum to be comfortable and non greasy, even when under make up.

I didn't see any immediate effect after applying the serum but after about 6 weeks of continuous use I do feel that my skin has improved in the areas I have been using the serum; however it wasn't quite the wow factor transformation that it had lead me to believe it would be on the packaging. I think I just looked a bit more rested, a bit fresher in the face you might say. I would use the product again though, as it is such a bargain and especially if there's even a slight chance of an improvement further down the line then it's worth giving a shot. I would also feel ok to recommend it to others to give it a try as I have no doubt that it does help the skin in some way, even if it's not quite botox in cream form that I hoped it would be... maybe I was expecting too much?!

For more information please take a look at these links: http://www.wrinklestop.co.uk/ and http://www.aldi.co.uk/

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Red lips at the ready!

Just like the little black dress, red lips have never really gone away but right now they're coming back with a vengeance. The best thing is that pretty much anybody can get away with them; but you do need to make sure that you get the right shade and the right finish for you. From sheer to opaque and matte to glossy, there is something for everybody if you just spend a little time finding out what works best for you!

It’s not an everyday look, and can take a bit more work to apply properly but it can work wonders for you both in terms of the look it gives you and also how it makes you feel. Wearing red lipstick makes me feel confident, like I can take on the world (and win).

I currently love MAC Lipglass in Russian Red; it’s a full on glossy, glamorous red. I recommend you check it out.

Blinc Mascara!

Advantages: Stays put, great finish, easy to use, no flaking, bargain price, good colour choice
Disadvantages: Removing takes a bit of getting used to.
I've always had issues trying to find mascara that lives up to its claims; and I don't know about you, but I am sick of always seeing adverts for mascaras that are claiming to make your lashes super long and super thick, whilst having a disclaimer at the bottom saying that the lashes you see on the model were styled with inserts. Great, if professional makeup artists can't even make the lashes of a model look that good using these mascaras *without* the use of inserts then what hope do we mere mortals have?

I suppose I am quite lucky in that my lashes aren't *too* shabby, they're dark and generally noticeable to some degree even without any mascara on! I still find though, that a lot of mascaras don't really emphasise my lashes in the way they made me believe they would on the adverts and to me this is a big disappointment as when you spend your hard earned on something, you expect that it would do what it said it would do.

I found out about the blinc brand whilst browsing online and thought it sounded great... mascara that doesn't just paint your eyelashes, it tubes them. Yes that's what I said, TUBES them! What it does is creates little waterproof tubes around your lashes, and once applied (and set) the tubes apparently cannot run, smudge, clump or flake... even if you end up crying whilst wearing it, or do what I do and forget about your carefully applied eye makeup when you start rubbing your eyes.

Applying the mascara is very easy; you just need to make sure you move the wand sideways as well as back to front to make sure your eyelashes are not going to set when they're stuck together. If you're used to putting on normal mascara then you really shouldn't have any problems in applying this successfully.

You have about 2 minutes to get all the coats that you want on before the product starts to set and you can no longer apply any more, this is plenty of time to me as I found that I didn't actually need that many coats as I may have done with other brands of mascara that I have tried. The mascara does need longer to dry than any other I have used, so you need to be aware of this before you start messing with things or blinking excessively.

The brush is a big asset to this product as it is quite thin so is more precise when you apply the mascara, it also has a comb like effect that separates lashes as you apply the product and also allows you to get to the shorter and harder to reach inner lashes without either poking yourself in the eye, or getting mascara on your freshly done foundation and/or eye shadow; thus requiring you to restart your makeup!

Once the mascara has set, your eyelashes do feel a bit plastic to the touch but you get used to this quite quickly and it doesn't feel weird on your actual eye when blinking etc. The finish of the mascara was amazing, I was actually really shocked to see how long my lashes looked - and I hadn't even used any primer, in fact after trying it with my Clinique lash building primer I actually preferred it without; however as this isn't your usual kind of mascara this could be why I preferred it without the primer. Blinc do a primer, which may be formulated to work better with this kind of mascara so I would recommend that if you wanted more volume in your lashes than this mascara provides on its own, that you should be looking to get this primer above any others for use with this mascara.

I put its staying power to the test accidently by rubbing my eye without even thinking about it... panic set in, I knew I had mascara on but forgot it was this one so was expecting the worst. Thankfully I was wearing this as it had not budged, not even one millimetre - hallelujah, finally mascara that stays put! It can be used every day if you wish with no adverse effects to your lashes, and will actually last the full day without any loss of impact of the effect it creates. This is perfect for those people who don't have chance, or inclination to keep reapplying their makeup through the day; for those that go from work to the pub or even for brides on their wedding day.

I really couldn't believe it when I found that I could apply it in the morning and it still be looking like I'd just applied it when it was well after midnight. I have actually (accidently) slept in it after wearing it and forgetting to remove it (blame the alcohol that night) and it was still in its place the next morning, now if that isn't impressive then I don't know what is.

The longer lasting formula also applies to the product whilst in the tube, because of its chemical formulation it does not dry out as quickly as traditional oil based paint mascaras.

To remove the mascara you need warm water and a bit of gentle pressure from your fingers or a washcloth to tease and then slide the tiny tubes off your lashes. There's no residue left once removed, and it is suitable for those with sensitive eyes and also those who wear contact lenses. It also does not drag your eyelashes out when you take it off, which I admit I was worried about; I mean I want nice looking lashes when using mascara but not at the expense of them being pulled out of the skin, never to be seen again. This does still take a bit of getting used to, but it's worth it as you save money on eye makeup remover by using this and money saved is always a bonus!

The retail price of the mascara is £18 but it's currently selling in boots at around £14.68 which is a total bargain. It's also available in a variety of colours including black, dark blue, medium brown, dark brown, dark green and dark purple and is not tested on animals. I was using the black one, which was sent to me by the lovely people at blinc to test and review for my website.

More information about the product is available on the website: Blinc UK
Summary: No more bad eyelash behaviour! Highly recommended.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Small Competition - Win Scholl Cracked Heel Repair Cream!

Since I gave this product such a glowing review, I thought I would give one of you a chance to win a tube of this wonderful stuff. All you have to do is comment on this post and follow the blog to be in with a chance of winning.

Please don't forget to comment on this post and follow the blog to be entered into the competition.

NOW CLOSED, THANK YOU. Please feel free to enter my other competition here.

Congratulations to Zoe Campbell whose name I picked out of a... *ahem* pan! I have sent you an email to get your details so I can send the cream to you.

Blinc Cosmetics!

The lovely people at Blinc cosmetics have sent me a box of goodies to test; I'll be posting my thoughts on each of the items up soon so be sure to follow me or subscribe to find out more.

Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm Back!

So I'm back from V, a bit battered and bruised but I made it home in one piece - just about; I hope 'Alan' was found safe and sound (those of you at V Chelmsford will know what I mean here). Really pleased that my make up stayed intact, even through the rain on the last evening which is practically unheard of until I started using that primer.

I'm off to rest my feet but I'll be back soon!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Festival Beauty - Learning The Art Of Travelling Light!

So with V Festival coming up this weekend it is now time for me to decide what beauty bits I will be taking with me. After previous festivals I have ended up taking everything but the kitchen sink, including most of my beauty items and been overloaded with things to carry every time - usually because I was in too much of a rush to sort through it all and choose key items that I would definitely need/use.

I have decided that this time I will be streamlining my luggage and taking only essential items, and items that have multiple uses. It’s also going to need to be something long lasting as I don’t want to be heading back to the tent all weekend to make sure I have some chance of looking the best I can do whilst there and also so that I don’t look like something out of a horror film at the first sign of the dreaded rain!

The first item I will need is a moisturiser and I have chosen to take my Eve Lom day cream, purely because I know it works well on my skin so won’t have to worry about it making me look shiny!

I’ll also need:

Primer – Lancome La Base Pro, Perfecting makeup primer with smoothing effect. This should hopefully ensure that my makeup stays where I put it.

Foundation - instead of taking foundation AND powder, I will be taking my Laura Mercier Mineral Powder which has a SPF of 15 which will remove the need to take both a dedicated facial sun cream and also a regular cream foundation too.

Concealer - Jemma Kidd I-Rescue Bio-Complex Cover as it's good for the eye area, and also general blemishes that had better not appear but I'll be prepared for if they do.

Bronzer – Benefit Hoola; it hasn’t failed me yet!

Blush/Highlighter – Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Gold as this is a very subtle ‘colour’ for want of a better word. I just want it to give my skin/cheeks a healthy sheen more than a definite colour and this is perfect for doing just that! I can also use it under my brows to give them a bit of oomph instead of having to take my separate highlighter.

Eyeshadow – Urban Decay ‘Ammo’ eyeshadow box! This is perfect as it contains a mix of colours all in one handy palette; and the colours in the palette are versatile enough to go with a lot of things I am likely to wear, so it saves me taking loads of my single pots with me.

Eyeliner – Urban decay 24/7 liner in black, nice and simple.

Eyelash Primer – Clinique Lash Building Primer to condition my lashes but also to boost the performance of my mascara.

Mascara – I would usually go with Benefit Bad Gal or Clinique High Impact Mascara but they are not waterproof, so I will be taking my Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara with me as it is waterproof and I don’t want panda eyes if it rains (as I do not intend to be crying haha)! I may also take a clear mascara for my eyebrows, if I find something that grabs me before I leave for V.

Lip Gloss – I will be taking 2 of these so I have 2 choices of colour. Lancome Juicy Tubes, in 33 ‘Pamplemousse’ and also Lancome Juicy Tubes, in 98 ‘Strawberry Funk’.

To remove my make up, I will be taking Lancome Galateis Douceur (gentle softening cleansing fluid for eyes and face) which should remove the need for me to take my Bi-Facil eye makeup remover, followed by their Tonique Douceur (softening and hydrating alcohol free toner).

I won’t be making a huge deal about my hair products whilst there as I’m pretty sure I am going to get rained on, if the weather forecast is anywhere near being accurate so I will just take a brush and some accessories to tie it up when it comes to that time. I’ve learned my lesson on that score and whilst it isn’t ideal, it is a festival so it isn’t the end of the world. Hopefully my make up will stay nice and deflect attention from the abomination that will/may be my hair! ;-)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Scholl Cracked Heel Repair Cream!

Now here is a product that really does work. I've used this for about a month and half now and have been totally impressed with the results.

It is available in places like boots for around the £5-6 mark, depending on where you see it and if they have any offers on at the time. If you live near a Home Bargains store you may also be able to pick this up for the totally bargainous price of just 99p!

On the box it said 'fast results, works in 7 days' which grabbed my attention straight away, and upon further inspection of the box I also saw that it said:

* Visible results in 3 days
* Relieves discomfort
* Helps prevent infection
* Fragrance free
* Dermatalogically tested
* Hypoallergenic
* Specially concentrated for the skin on the heel
* Suitable for diabetics and sensitive skin.

After 3 days I really did notice a visible difference, in fact I noticed a little difference straight after application of the product. After the full 7 days my feet were better than they have been in a long time, something that most products I have tried previously have failed to achieve.

To continue to receive the benefits of this product, you will need to keep using it though; however even at the full price I still think this is perfectly fine, as it's not overly expensive and a little goes quite a long way!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Yardley Release A Promising Range Of Skincare In South Africa

I came across this range on the web whilst looking to see if Yardley had a twitter page. It appears that the 'Skin Hydro Tissue Oil Sprays' are currently being sold in South Africa and from the before and after user photo's that I have seen on their Facebook page, it looks like a VERY good set of products and I really hope they start selling them globally.

See some results on Facebook from users who have taken part in a 28 day challenge.

Here is what Yardley have said on their site:

"Yardley Skin will be revolutionising the industry with this brand new Aerolised Tissue Oil Spray. This fantastic application sprays on as a mist, without the mess, while spreading evenly onto your skin. Dermatologically approved to yield results within 28 days for Scars & Stretch marks, Uneven Skin tone as well as Anti-Ageing. Contains our trademarked Hydromide blend."

Scars & Stretch Marks:

SKIN Scars & Stretch Marks Tissue Oil Spray offers essential Vitamin E and F, known to be effective for the reduction of scars and stretch marks.

  • Clinically proven to increase the smoothness of stretch marks within 28 days, up to 33% reduction in scar (colour) appearance after 14 days.
  • Clinically proven to reduce the appearance of stretch marks within 28 days.
  • Proven skin hydration within 28 days of use.

Uneven Skin Tone:

Yardley Uneven Skin Tone Tissue Oil offers essential Vitamin A and E, to fight free radicals from daily sun exposure, whilst it tones and evens out the skin for a healthier, more resilient look.

  • Clinical proven to reduce the appearance of dark spots (on the face) within 28 days of use.
  • Proven lighter complexion within 28 days of use.
  • Proven to reduce age spots on hands within 28 days.
  • Proven skin hydration after within the first 28 days.


The Yardley Skin Anti-Ageing Tissue Oil Spray is exactly the application to target
essential areas in the dermis for optimal moisturisation  to help prevent skin ageing.
The key ingredient, Hydromide, which has been trademarked, contains important
ingredients, such as Ceramide 2 and Soybean Extract, which provides the ultimate
moisturisation with immediate and long-term results to help preserve skin elasticity.

  • Clinical proven wrinkle reduction within 28 days of use, 90% effectiveness in wrinkle reduction after 14 days.
  • Significant increase in skin elasticity after 28 days.
  • Proven skin hydration after 28 days.  

All contain HYDROMIDE BLEND, scientifically formulated to revitalise, restore and replenish the skin for a noticeably healthier look.

They have their clinical findings on their website too, here is the link (as pasting it would be way too long). Click Me!

UPDATE: Yardley in the UK appear to know nothing of this product so at the moment it looks unlikely that we'll be getting it over here.

The Body Shop Strawberry Puree Body Lotion.

Advantages: Cooling, Nice smell
Disadvantages: Smell doesn't last long, Doesn't moisturise the skin much!
I'm always using new body creams, lotions and potions so when I saw this on offer online I couldn't resist! They were 2 for £8, 2 for the price of 1, or half price each - however you want to name it. I bought the strawberry and the cherry but for now I will be writing about the strawberry variety!

The packaging states that it is a lightweight cooling moisturisation with strawberry pulp and sumptuous strawberry seed oil and that it is for normal skin.

The smell of this when it's still in the bottle to me smells like that paracetamol medicine I had when I was a child, strawberry flavoured - was it Calpol? Anyway, whilst this isn't necessarily a bad thing, it did surprise me as I didn't expect it to smell like a medicine in any form!
The pump dispenser is easy to use and even more so if you have problems with your hands/fingers due to something like arthritis as this takes a lot of the usual effort out of using a normal bottle for that kind of thing. Upon application this lotion is very cooling, which is great for the summer at least on those days where the sun decides it will shine here in the UK, but also for summer holidays abroad where the weather is likely to me much nicer!

The lotion is of quite a thin consistency but this does mean that a little bit seems to go along way! It also means that it isn't instantly absorbed; it leaves a wet feeling on the skin for a little while after - unless of course you rub it in for a longer time. I kind of like this when it's warm as it feels cooler for a bit longer in this state but it is a little sticky.
The smell on the skin will vary from person to person, much like a perfume would but on my skin the medicine smell more or less disappears and I am left with a sweet strawberry smell which is actually quite nice, but doesn't seem to last long unfortunately - probably about an hour ish.

This lotion is meant to be instantly hydrating; but for me unless you count the wetness when you apply it, it doesn't really feel all that hydrating, or moisturising. It doesn't leave my skin really dry either though but I would suggest that if you have skin that is on the dry side that you may want to try the body butter instead. None the less I was quite surprised about this as I thought that the shea butter in that it would make it really quite moisturising.

I haven't noticed any long term benefits in using this lotion, but to the same degree I haven't noticed any massive deterioration in my skin since using it either. I probably wouldn't buy this again if I am honest though, and certainly not at full price.

Rather than not recommending it to anybody because of my experience of it on myself, I do recommend you get yourself into a body shop store to try this on your skin before purchasing it to make sure that it's going to work well on your skin type and that the scent is going to last a long enough time to make it worth you purchasing it.
Summary: Make sure this is worth purchasing for you personally before you go ahead and buy it.

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub - Are You A Scrubber? ;-)

Advantages: Does what it says it does, tastes nice, looks cute, animal friendly
Disadvantages: Eating sugar not healthy, maybe a little pricey for what it essentially is.
My lips always seem to be quite dry; I think this is in part due to having psoriasis and thus something that can't be prevented. That doesn't mean to say that I can't try and make my lips as smooth and soft as I possibly can. This is why I went in search of this product from Lush, but they didn't stock anything like this. I spoke to the Mark Constantine at Lush and he said to have a look on the B site. You see, this lip scrub was originally sold by the now defunct sister company of Lush, 'B never too busy to be beautiful' along with a couple of other 'flavours'. This is when I first tried the product and I picked this flavour as I couldn't resist the girly pink look of it.

When it arrived I was not disappointed, I opened the jar and a waft of sweet bubblegum scent came to my nose. I couldn't wait, I dipped in my finger and started rubbing it on my lips, and the only problem was that I was more or less eating it before I was getting any exfoliation from it as it tasted so gooood! To describe the taste is easy yet difficult as it doesn't have the usual taste of bubblegum, but more like the taste of bubblegum mixed with the taste of the smell of Snow Fairy (a Lush shower gel that gets released at Christmas), if that makes sense?

The application was kind of messy and you should expect granules of sugar to drop below you so it may be worth doing it over a dressing table with maybe a tissue underneath you to catch the escapees! Aside from the messiness, it was easy to apply and massaging it into my lips (providing you don't eat it all) was making them tingle but made my finger a little bit tender as it had also exfoliated that too. All I had to do after the exfoliation was lick my lips and then they were ready for either a lip balm, or a touch of lipstick or gloss. It really was that simple.

This product promises to leave your lips smooth, plump and soft and for me, it really did. The one thing I will say is that it is quite pricey for the small pot you get (£4.50 for 25g), even though it lasts for ages. The reason I say that it's pricey is because to me, I see the ingredients and see that it's basically made up of sugar, oil, flavour and colour. It's quite a simple concoction really, and as such it's possibly something you could make yourself in flavours such as mint or vanilla with mint flavouring or vanilla extract, sugar and oil (even something like olive oil) as there is no real need for the colour really in my opinion!

This product is not tested on animals, much like all of the other products that Lush makes.

In the words of Victoria Wood (in an old Post Office/Stamps advert) 'it makes your lips really really luscious'!

Yardley April Violets Re-issued

The news that Yardley are re-issuing their April Violets perfume is music to my ears. I just love the sweet smelling violetty goodness. The unmistakeable scent of childhood parma violet sweets brings back memories of being young(er) and eating packets and packets of the things. The best thing though is that I get the parma violet fix without the sugar going into my body and then straight onto my hips/belly/bum etc in weight.

Now I just need Yardley to re-issue their Freesia fragrance too, if only to make my mum happy too!

Update: I have spoken to Yardley directly now and  they have told me that the relaunch will be in September, and that they will also be looking at bringing back some other fragrances too nearer to spring time.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Aldi Lacura Products...

I have been noticing a slight crease in my forehead over the last year or so, and this has sent me on a hunt to find something, anything that might help to stop it developing into a full blown wrinkle and also to stop/slow down any other surprise wrinkles that may currently be developing. I have been considering botox as a last resort, but if I can find something a bit less drastic (and cheaper) that helps then I would obviously rather use that - for now at least!

I decided that I would try 2 products from the Aldi Lacura range to start with as I have heard generally quite good things about the range in the media, and I was interested to see how well they do considering their bargain prices! The 2 products I am trying are:

  'Lacura Naturals Premium Anti-Ageing Day Cream' and 'Lacura Wrinkle Stop'

The Anti-Ageing Day Cream is in a 50ml jar and costs £4.99. It contains hyaluronic acid, silk proteins and liquorice extract to name but a few ingredients. The packaging states:

"LACURA Naturals Premium Anti-Ageing day cream is a special, lightly scented moisturising cream for women from the age of 30. The formulation includes valuable natural raw ingredients. They are obtained naturally, and prepared and processed with the greatest care. The combination of natural, traditional and modern active ingredients protects the skin against everyday environmental influences, and makes your skincare regime an extremely pleasurable experience.

Hyaluronic acid is produced naturally by the body, and is a highly effective moisturiser that plumps up the skin and so helps to minimise the first lines and wrinkles. It contains silk proteins to help counteract the physical signs of skin ageing and leave it feeling as soft as velvet.

Liquorice extract has been used for healing purposes in Asian countries for centuries. It supports the skin's natural protective mechanism, and is soothing and calming"

The Wrinkle Stop serum comes in a cannula tube with 10mls of product inside, it costs £6.99. This is the product I went looking for when I went into Aldi, as I had read about the active ingredient SYN®-AKE in it that promises great things. The packaging states:

"LACURA Wrinkle Stop is a highly effective form of facial care for minimising wrinkles in problem areas on and around the forehead, eyes, mouth and nose.

The patented active agent Syn®-Ake has been proven to help:

* Reduce forehead wrinkles by 52%
* Reduce crow's feet by 24%
* Restrict 82% of muscle activity

This is the result of many years of research in the field of snake venoms, for which the Swiss manufacturing pharmaceutical company won the Swiss Technology Award 2006.

If applied regularly, Syn®-Ake has the following specific effects:

* Smoothing of the skin thanks to tripeptides.
* Long-term anti-wrinkle effect by improvement of the wrinkle surface.
* Plumping out wrinkles from inside using biospheres.
* Relaxation of facial muscles.

LACURA Wrinkle Stop smooths your skin, giving it a relaxed, fresh appearance."

On the packaging it advises you to use it daily in the morning and in the evening, using the precision cannula to apply it to specific areas and then massage it in.

These are quite impressive claims, so of course I wanted to try them for myself to see if there was any substance in them. I'll update this post once I have used them for a bit longer (4 weeks so far), to see if there's any improvement in my skin.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Roc Retin-Ox Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Moisturiser!

Advantages: Makes your skin soft, smooth, supple. Smells nice.

Disadvantages:  Too much packaging, Can be expensive.

At 29 years old, I am feeling as though I am heading ever quicker to every birthday, is time *actually* going faster? I am a lot more conscious of the effect time is going to have on my skin as I can see it’s already starting to happen. I don't want to get old, I don't want to get wrinkles and saggy skin so I am going to try everything in my power to try and prevent/delay this as much as possible so that I don't have to resort to going under the knife and can delay having botox/fillers etc which I am more likely to have as I am a bit of a wuss but could probably handle needles/injections.

My mum has always stressed the importance of moisturising, and I have done so to some degree but recently have been thinking that I should really look for a moisturiser than will do more to help aging and this is the reason that I purchased this cream. I actually got this on offer at an amazing £3.99, which is a massive saving of over £20 from its price in the likes of Boots etc. I thought it would be worth a try at this price and bought a few different Roc products at the same time (and I am sure I will review those at some point in the not too distant future) and I am really glad that I did. I have been using this product for a week now and have been rather impressed with the results so far.

Although I haven't noticed anything different with regard to wrinkling as I only have a few fine lines and it has been such a short period of time, I have noticed that my skin is smoother and a million times softer than it was whilst I was just using normal day cream. I suffer with combination skin to the extreme as I have extremely dry skin in places; I put this partly down to the fact that I do also suffer with psoriasis which can't help matters!

This cream is actually part of a Roc range that is aimed at older skin than my own, however I'd heard that retinol is one of the only products that is scientifically proven to make any kind of difference to your skin with regards to aging. I didn't see the harm in starting using this a bit earlier as I'd prefer to try to prevent wrinkles rather than try and cure them once it was too late.

The cream has a sun protection factor of 15, which means you shouldn’t need to apply separate sun cream in the morning (good for those of you like me who don't normally do this in the UK weather – which I admit is a bit naughty, as it means it's done for you and you don't need to worry about it). I would still advise that you are careful when out and about in the summer or on holiday in a hotter country of course as you will probably find that you need more protection as the sun is brighter and hotter.

The tube contains 30mls of product which doesn't seem a lot but a little seems to go a long way. I would say that maybe it's a bit over packaged as it has a huge box and a plastic mould inside to keep it still in the box. This begs the question why they don't just use a smaller box that holds the tube properly? Especially when you consider that we have all been told that we need to be more aware of the amount of rubbish we send to landfills these days and manufacturers are being told to try and cut down on the amount of packaging used to begin with. Part of me thinks that they do this as they want it to look more premium (without going over to the designer selection) but I still think some of the packaging could be cut down and it would still look as good on the shelf/on your dressing table.

Some people are allergic to parabens, so I will advise that this product is not suitable to be used by these people as it does contain various types of paraben. This is stated on the box in the ingredients list for a more comprehensive list!

I originally wrote this in 2008, and have refined it a little to post up here. The product is still available online, usually for around the £6 mark from what I have seen.

Summary: Lovely creamy moisturiser that you can feel moisturising.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Lush Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar

Advantages: Smells Amazing, Moisturising, Seems Good Value For Money!
Disadvantages: None that I've found so far!
This was released by Lush as a special Valentines Day product a year ago, a limited edition if you will.It now appears that this product is here to stay as it is still on the shelves and available to be purchased instore and online.
The bar is shaped like a giant half strawberry - in that it has a flat, smooth back and not a symmetrical design on each side. It is pale pink in colour as opposed to red like a real strawberry, but it does have darker pink flecks running through it. I think the reason they decided to leave it a paler shade of pink/red is because if they had made it any deeper in colour, it could have been a bit of a pain to use as a massage bar due to it staining your skin... and possibly other household items such as bedding and towels etc.

In my opinion it is a perfect colour though... not only for Valentines Day, but for lush in general as I find a lot of girls who use Lush really like the more girly smells and products and there's nothing more girly than pink products that smell sweet! 
The bar fits into my hand but is about the size of the palm of my hand (if you chopped off my fingers and thumb - but please don't, as I quite like having the use of all my fingers haha). I think this is a good size to be honest, as any larger and it may have been too hard to handle and thus maybe too hard to apply to your skin depending on how you use / apply your massage bars!

Application of the bar is to me a personal preference, it's not even something I do the same every time so it seems. Sometimes I like to smear the bar over my skin and then massage it in, other times I warm the bar up in my hands and rub my hands on my skin. Personally I find that smearing it over the skin works best for me most of the time, as it means I'm not potentially wasting any as it's being applied directly to the area that I intend it for, and also it means I get a much stronger hit of the smell left on my skin. It's also not something that requires a partner to massage it in every single time, although that is a nicer way of application, but not always practical to do so!

I've noticed that some people actually dab off any excess that may not have been absorbed into their skin; I don't really like to do this as I prefer to apply it and then put on my dressing gown. This means that any product that doesn't get absorbed into my skin, scents my gown rather than the towel I'm about to put into the washing machine after using it and I at least feel that I get a bit more 'use' from doing it this way too... we have been in a recession after all. ;-)

This brings me to my next point; the smell of this massage bar! I have to say the smell is absolutely divine. It has the sweet smell of the fresh strawberries used in the bar itself mixed with a more creamy scent that makes it smell to me something like a strawberry milkshake or ice cream. It's truly delightful, and if you have ever smelled Lush's yummy yummy yummy shower gel you may have some idea of the smell of this bar as it's also got the 'fruit sundae with cream on top' scent that is used in that.

I do think it could have been even better with a slightly stronger smell as although it's a noticeable smell, I prefer to have a stronger smell that lasts a little longer; so with this in mind, I used the massage bar after showering with yummy yummy yummy. Let me tell you now, I was in absolute strawberry heaven and still smelled like strawberries long after my shower so to get the maximum strawberry scent for as long as possible, I wholeheartedly recommend this method.

Another cocktail (so to speak) I like is using this with my snow fairly shower gel, or the godmother soap (both the same scent) as these are also sweet smelling fragrances. I am yet to try it with my candy fluff body dust, honey I washed the kids soap or any other sweeter items from my lush stash but I will do so and see if I can find any other good matches. Let me know if you have any good mixes for this too in the comments as I'm always up for trying new lush cocktails haha.

The bar also contains cocoa butter and (fair trade) shea butter along with a whole host of other oils to help with both the scent and to give an incredibly moisturising experience; it left my skin feeling beautiful afterwards.

Storing this bar is a bit of a pain, it has to be said as it's too big for the massage bar tins that you get from Lush, but it's not really advisable to leave it in the yellow paper bag that you get from Lush as the oils tend to soak into it and can end up ruining your actual product, not to mention ruining anything that may also be touching the paper bag. I find that storing it in a plastic zip seal bag works ok for me (although not totally perfect for a massage bar), as it does for most of my other Lush items in my stash. Again, please comment if you find an alternative method of storage that may be better than this.

The massage bar costs £5.10 (as of August 2010) and to me is worth every penny as my bar is still going strong after about 8 full body uses!

I recommend this to anybody who likes sweet smells like I do!
Summary: Love it!

Boots Natural Collection Eye Liner

Advantages: Easy to apply, looks good once applied
Disadvantages: Doesn't stay put or last and wears out quickly.
I bought this as I'd forgotten my eyeliner when visiting family for Christmas, my usual liner was nearly full so I didn't really want to spend a fortune on a new one when it was only really to make do with until I got home. I saw this in boots for the bargain price of £1.99 and thought that as a make do product it would do the job as I've used other natural collection products and been perfectly satisfied with them.   

The application of the product is great, it is soft enough to go on easily and to smudge into place for a smoky eye effect but not too soft that it breaks easily, however I did notice that it had worn down pretty quickly over the 2 applications and a couple of top ups that I used it for. I'm not a fan of hard eyeliner that hurts to apply as it takes forever for it to actually go on so this seemed pretty perfect to me and to have it go down a bit quicker would be a small price to pay for this as it is cheap enough to replace as and when needed.

The overall look from this eyeliner on first application is brilliant, I was seriously impressed as it gave the right thickness and coverage with ease and without going everywhere due to having to force it on and not have time to smudge it into place (or off if you slip and end up with it somewhere you'd rather it not be) not to mention that it didn't end up in a thin harsh line that just looks awful on me. My fiancé even commented on the fact that it looked nice, and that's a good thing as he actually has a decent eye for things like this... without being too feminine about it.

After about 1 hour of having this eyeliner on, I went to the toilet and whilst washing my hands I noticed that it had bled down below my eye line where I had applied it; it wasn't a big problem and was easily corrected with a corner of tissue and a quick wipe; without damaging any of my other make up.

A short time later, I noticed that it had again moved out of the position I had applied it to, and so I corrected it yet again and topped it up a bit as it was looking a bit thin on the ground. This went on numerous times during this evening to the point where I had to sharpen the pencil again; something I've never had to do after only a couple of uses with any other eyeliner. 
I was really disappointed as I'd really loved the way it had applied and the way it had initially looked, and even though it was easily rectified, I felt that I shouldn't have to keep checking and sorting it out constantly through one day/evening whilst only sat in a house having a drink with family. It wasn't even like I had been in a club or smoky environment, and if I *had* been in a club, I'd have just ended up wiping it off as there's nothing worse than walking around with panda eyes in public, I was lucky I was only having drinks in my dads house.

I must add that it seemed to sharpen well enough, but I know that most pencils don't show their true sharpening colours until a bit further down the line, at least not in my experience; and by that time it's usually too late to do anything about it.

Overall, I think the beauty of this eyeliner is that it's so versatile and can be moved around to suit you and get the right effect, but this is also its downfall as it doesn't stay put, and can lead to it running/bleeding from the area it was applied. If a change could be made so that it stayed where it was applied after a few seconds or so (to give time to change it, smudge it or remove it if a mistake had been made) then I would have no hesitation in recommending it to you, even if it got used quickly because at that price I'd have thought most people could afford to replace a bit quicker.
Summary: I wouldn't buy it again.

Hawaiian Tropic Dry Carrot Oil SPF15

Advantages: Gets You Brown Easily, Easy To Apply, Comfortable When On, Moisturising
Disadvantages: You Miss It When You Don't Have It .
Please note: This is a slightly revised and updated review that I did on another site a while ago!

I first experienced this oil on my holiday to Tossa De Mar in June 2007; I had always liked using oil over my normal cream as I go browner using one, but disappointingly their sun protection factors are usually not sufficient to be used alone. However, I found this particular one in the apartment that I was staying in and was told I could use it if I would like. I was impressed that it had a decent SPF so thought I would give it a go.

I applied the oil and was pleasantly surprised to find that it applied easily (as it's a spray bottle), was easy to see where it had been applied (as you had a lovely sheen where the product was), and did not feel uncomfortable when on the skin as a lot of oils can feel sticky and heavy when applied. I then enjoyed the sun for the whole day, regularly reapplying the oil throughout the day usually around every 2 hours for my skin* which again was less of a chore than I usually experienced as I was used to having to put on cream, and then oil on top.

When we got back early that evening I took a little peek at what I hoped would be my white bits, although I was not really expecting much after the previous days disappointment with the ultrasun. SUCCESS, there were definite white areas where my bikini had been positioned and no burnt bits. I couldn't believe how well it had done in one day of sunbathing not to mention how soft my skin felt at the end of the day. I used it for the rest of the holiday, each day getting browner and browner, I hadn't ever found it this easy to go brown so I was really impressed.. although I still wondered if it was just a lucky one off experience.

I put this to the test in the August as I bought some more to take to Ibiza with me for the 9 days I was holidaying there and sure enough, it did just as well as it had done in Tossa and i came home with a fantastic tan. I felt I had finally found a product that worked well with my skin. I also have to mention at this point, that my boyfriend also used this oil with me and he had the same great results. He doesn't tan as easily as I do whilst in the sun either, so he was really impressed with this stuff too.

I ordered some more to take on holiday with me for 6 days in Ibiza at the beginning of June 2008, but was disappointed when it didn't arrive by the time I was leaving for my holiday. I had to rush to the shops and find a replacement, and quickly. The nearest I could find was Hawaiian Tropic carrot gel SPF8, so I bought it thinking that as it was made by the same people and still contained carrot that it would do the same job for me. I was wrong, I didn't tan half as much as I had done using the carrot oil and had more reapplying it far more as it was a lower factor. I've also found that I am peeling now I am home, even though I didn't burn; this did not happen when I had used the oil.

I don't want to put the substitute gel down as it did an *ok* job but having experienced the carrot oil and having high hopes, this really disappointed me. Needless to say, I have been taking my trusty Hawaiian Tropic SPF 15 Carrot Oil on any holidays that I have had since, and  have been coming home lovely and brown.

*Please remember that it's different for every skin, so remember to reapply according to how your own skin is in the sun. With a SPF of 15, this means you can stay out 15 times longer than you usually could without sun cream before getting burned so reapply often as burning/cancer is just not cool.

Claire. xx
Summary: Tantastic.. cheesy I know (the word, not the oil as that's obviously carrot), but true.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wilkinson Sword Intuition Plus Sensitive Care Razor

Advantages: Easy to use, Quick, Relatively Close Shave!
Disadvantages: Soap runs down quickly, Hair sticks to soap and in blades, The price
I am a member of a site called bzzagent and had been given this product to trial which is how I came to trial the item and thus have this opinion of the product to share with you all.
I must say, I am usually a *rip the hair straight out of the folicle* kind of girl using wax and my epilator; but you do sometimes get the odd time that you need a quick fix in that inbetween, so I do like to have a razor in just in case so receiving this was good for this kind of occasion!

I found that using this razor was very easy and made light work of my shaving needs. Using the intuition plus means that there's no need for separate foam and thus shaving is instantly easier and quicker so less time and pain standing on one leg, holding your leg up, balancing it in an awkward position and not fiddling around with a few different objects/tops etc. However, with the lack of foam came the problem that you couldn't easily see where had you had already shaved (unless your legs were terribly hairy to start with of course, ha) so you have to have a good feel to make sure it's smooth, not such a big problem but definitely worth noting if you're planning on making a purchase.

The razor itself was easy to hold (easier than normal razors I found as it was chunkier and with a more non slip surface, although not as easy to flip around) and made light work of the job, meaning I didn't have to scrape and scrape at my legs for the hair to be removed which can irritate skin and risk cutting yourself too.

I did find that the 'soap' kept the blade from my leg to start with, but then wore down quickly, more so on one side quicker than the other, which meant that I did have to flick the razor around a bit to get more use out of it. This isn't a massive issue and to be honest, I'm not sure how or if this could have been avoided. It's certainly not a deal breaker as to if I'd carry on using this razor though in-between waxing when I need to get rid of hair quickly.

Another problem I discovered was that I found that hair I had shaven off stuck to the soap and in the blades, which was difficult to get off/out and looked unsightly so I hid the razor out of sight as that is just embarrassing in my opinion. This also meant that I did not use the holder it came with.

Afterwards, my skin did feel smooth but I didn't feel that it completely removed the need to moisturise separately. I'd certainly recommend it for anybody who wants to try it though as it cut down my time shaving and made it a lot easier for me in the shower; although the price is on the expensive side. The blades cost anywhere around the £5-7 mark which is a bit steep, but then I guess if you factor in the fact that you don't need to buy separate foam, it doesn't seem as bad.
Cheap replacement blades!

Summary: Intuitive product but isn't without fault.

A little note to say hello!

Hello there, my name is Claire! I thought I would start this blog as I have a keen interest in all things beauty and enjoy reviewing things. 

I think it's important to tell people about products and services that are worth buying so that they can enjoy them too! However, I have also been fed up of buying products that don't live up to their claims, so a fair amount of this blog will be dedicated to giving my experiences and opinions on products I have tested myself. Hopefully by exposing seeemingly dud products I'll stop any readers that come along from wasting their hard earned dosh on them. 

I hope you enjoy reading it. x
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