Monday, August 16, 2010

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub - Are You A Scrubber? ;-)

Advantages: Does what it says it does, tastes nice, looks cute, animal friendly
Disadvantages: Eating sugar not healthy, maybe a little pricey for what it essentially is.
My lips always seem to be quite dry; I think this is in part due to having psoriasis and thus something that can't be prevented. That doesn't mean to say that I can't try and make my lips as smooth and soft as I possibly can. This is why I went in search of this product from Lush, but they didn't stock anything like this. I spoke to the Mark Constantine at Lush and he said to have a look on the B site. You see, this lip scrub was originally sold by the now defunct sister company of Lush, 'B never too busy to be beautiful' along with a couple of other 'flavours'. This is when I first tried the product and I picked this flavour as I couldn't resist the girly pink look of it.

When it arrived I was not disappointed, I opened the jar and a waft of sweet bubblegum scent came to my nose. I couldn't wait, I dipped in my finger and started rubbing it on my lips, and the only problem was that I was more or less eating it before I was getting any exfoliation from it as it tasted so gooood! To describe the taste is easy yet difficult as it doesn't have the usual taste of bubblegum, but more like the taste of bubblegum mixed with the taste of the smell of Snow Fairy (a Lush shower gel that gets released at Christmas), if that makes sense?

The application was kind of messy and you should expect granules of sugar to drop below you so it may be worth doing it over a dressing table with maybe a tissue underneath you to catch the escapees! Aside from the messiness, it was easy to apply and massaging it into my lips (providing you don't eat it all) was making them tingle but made my finger a little bit tender as it had also exfoliated that too. All I had to do after the exfoliation was lick my lips and then they were ready for either a lip balm, or a touch of lipstick or gloss. It really was that simple.

This product promises to leave your lips smooth, plump and soft and for me, it really did. The one thing I will say is that it is quite pricey for the small pot you get (£4.50 for 25g), even though it lasts for ages. The reason I say that it's pricey is because to me, I see the ingredients and see that it's basically made up of sugar, oil, flavour and colour. It's quite a simple concoction really, and as such it's possibly something you could make yourself in flavours such as mint or vanilla with mint flavouring or vanilla extract, sugar and oil (even something like olive oil) as there is no real need for the colour really in my opinion!

This product is not tested on animals, much like all of the other products that Lush makes.

In the words of Victoria Wood (in an old Post Office/Stamps advert) 'it makes your lips really really luscious'!

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  1. This looks really interesting, however for the price it costs, i'd rather just make a home-made version.


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