Monday, August 16, 2010

The Body Shop Strawberry Puree Body Lotion.

Advantages: Cooling, Nice smell
Disadvantages: Smell doesn't last long, Doesn't moisturise the skin much!
I'm always using new body creams, lotions and potions so when I saw this on offer online I couldn't resist! They were 2 for £8, 2 for the price of 1, or half price each - however you want to name it. I bought the strawberry and the cherry but for now I will be writing about the strawberry variety!

The packaging states that it is a lightweight cooling moisturisation with strawberry pulp and sumptuous strawberry seed oil and that it is for normal skin.

The smell of this when it's still in the bottle to me smells like that paracetamol medicine I had when I was a child, strawberry flavoured - was it Calpol? Anyway, whilst this isn't necessarily a bad thing, it did surprise me as I didn't expect it to smell like a medicine in any form!
The pump dispenser is easy to use and even more so if you have problems with your hands/fingers due to something like arthritis as this takes a lot of the usual effort out of using a normal bottle for that kind of thing. Upon application this lotion is very cooling, which is great for the summer at least on those days where the sun decides it will shine here in the UK, but also for summer holidays abroad where the weather is likely to me much nicer!

The lotion is of quite a thin consistency but this does mean that a little bit seems to go along way! It also means that it isn't instantly absorbed; it leaves a wet feeling on the skin for a little while after - unless of course you rub it in for a longer time. I kind of like this when it's warm as it feels cooler for a bit longer in this state but it is a little sticky.
The smell on the skin will vary from person to person, much like a perfume would but on my skin the medicine smell more or less disappears and I am left with a sweet strawberry smell which is actually quite nice, but doesn't seem to last long unfortunately - probably about an hour ish.

This lotion is meant to be instantly hydrating; but for me unless you count the wetness when you apply it, it doesn't really feel all that hydrating, or moisturising. It doesn't leave my skin really dry either though but I would suggest that if you have skin that is on the dry side that you may want to try the body butter instead. None the less I was quite surprised about this as I thought that the shea butter in that it would make it really quite moisturising.

I haven't noticed any long term benefits in using this lotion, but to the same degree I haven't noticed any massive deterioration in my skin since using it either. I probably wouldn't buy this again if I am honest though, and certainly not at full price.

Rather than not recommending it to anybody because of my experience of it on myself, I do recommend you get yourself into a body shop store to try this on your skin before purchasing it to make sure that it's going to work well on your skin type and that the scent is going to last a long enough time to make it worth you purchasing it.
Summary: Make sure this is worth purchasing for you personally before you go ahead and buy it.

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