Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wilkinson Sword Intuition Plus Sensitive Care Razor

Advantages: Easy to use, Quick, Relatively Close Shave!
Disadvantages: Soap runs down quickly, Hair sticks to soap and in blades, The price
I am a member of a site called bzzagent and had been given this product to trial which is how I came to trial the item and thus have this opinion of the product to share with you all.
I must say, I am usually a *rip the hair straight out of the folicle* kind of girl using wax and my epilator; but you do sometimes get the odd time that you need a quick fix in that inbetween, so I do like to have a razor in just in case so receiving this was good for this kind of occasion!

I found that using this razor was very easy and made light work of my shaving needs. Using the intuition plus means that there's no need for separate foam and thus shaving is instantly easier and quicker so less time and pain standing on one leg, holding your leg up, balancing it in an awkward position and not fiddling around with a few different objects/tops etc. However, with the lack of foam came the problem that you couldn't easily see where had you had already shaved (unless your legs were terribly hairy to start with of course, ha) so you have to have a good feel to make sure it's smooth, not such a big problem but definitely worth noting if you're planning on making a purchase.

The razor itself was easy to hold (easier than normal razors I found as it was chunkier and with a more non slip surface, although not as easy to flip around) and made light work of the job, meaning I didn't have to scrape and scrape at my legs for the hair to be removed which can irritate skin and risk cutting yourself too.

I did find that the 'soap' kept the blade from my leg to start with, but then wore down quickly, more so on one side quicker than the other, which meant that I did have to flick the razor around a bit to get more use out of it. This isn't a massive issue and to be honest, I'm not sure how or if this could have been avoided. It's certainly not a deal breaker as to if I'd carry on using this razor though in-between waxing when I need to get rid of hair quickly.

Another problem I discovered was that I found that hair I had shaven off stuck to the soap and in the blades, which was difficult to get off/out and looked unsightly so I hid the razor out of sight as that is just embarrassing in my opinion. This also meant that I did not use the holder it came with.

Afterwards, my skin did feel smooth but I didn't feel that it completely removed the need to moisturise separately. I'd certainly recommend it for anybody who wants to try it though as it cut down my time shaving and made it a lot easier for me in the shower; although the price is on the expensive side. The blades cost anywhere around the £5-7 mark which is a bit steep, but then I guess if you factor in the fact that you don't need to buy separate foam, it doesn't seem as bad.
Cheap replacement blades!

Summary: Intuitive product but isn't without fault.

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