Sunday, August 15, 2010

Aldi Lacura Products...

I have been noticing a slight crease in my forehead over the last year or so, and this has sent me on a hunt to find something, anything that might help to stop it developing into a full blown wrinkle and also to stop/slow down any other surprise wrinkles that may currently be developing. I have been considering botox as a last resort, but if I can find something a bit less drastic (and cheaper) that helps then I would obviously rather use that - for now at least!

I decided that I would try 2 products from the Aldi Lacura range to start with as I have heard generally quite good things about the range in the media, and I was interested to see how well they do considering their bargain prices! The 2 products I am trying are:

  'Lacura Naturals Premium Anti-Ageing Day Cream' and 'Lacura Wrinkle Stop'

The Anti-Ageing Day Cream is in a 50ml jar and costs £4.99. It contains hyaluronic acid, silk proteins and liquorice extract to name but a few ingredients. The packaging states:

"LACURA Naturals Premium Anti-Ageing day cream is a special, lightly scented moisturising cream for women from the age of 30. The formulation includes valuable natural raw ingredients. They are obtained naturally, and prepared and processed with the greatest care. The combination of natural, traditional and modern active ingredients protects the skin against everyday environmental influences, and makes your skincare regime an extremely pleasurable experience.

Hyaluronic acid is produced naturally by the body, and is a highly effective moisturiser that plumps up the skin and so helps to minimise the first lines and wrinkles. It contains silk proteins to help counteract the physical signs of skin ageing and leave it feeling as soft as velvet.

Liquorice extract has been used for healing purposes in Asian countries for centuries. It supports the skin's natural protective mechanism, and is soothing and calming"

The Wrinkle Stop serum comes in a cannula tube with 10mls of product inside, it costs £6.99. This is the product I went looking for when I went into Aldi, as I had read about the active ingredient SYN®-AKE in it that promises great things. The packaging states:

"LACURA Wrinkle Stop is a highly effective form of facial care for minimising wrinkles in problem areas on and around the forehead, eyes, mouth and nose.

The patented active agent Syn®-Ake has been proven to help:

* Reduce forehead wrinkles by 52%
* Reduce crow's feet by 24%
* Restrict 82% of muscle activity

This is the result of many years of research in the field of snake venoms, for which the Swiss manufacturing pharmaceutical company won the Swiss Technology Award 2006.

If applied regularly, Syn®-Ake has the following specific effects:

* Smoothing of the skin thanks to tripeptides.
* Long-term anti-wrinkle effect by improvement of the wrinkle surface.
* Plumping out wrinkles from inside using biospheres.
* Relaxation of facial muscles.

LACURA Wrinkle Stop smooths your skin, giving it a relaxed, fresh appearance."

On the packaging it advises you to use it daily in the morning and in the evening, using the precision cannula to apply it to specific areas and then massage it in.

These are quite impressive claims, so of course I wanted to try them for myself to see if there was any substance in them. I'll update this post once I have used them for a bit longer (4 weeks so far), to see if there's any improvement in my skin.

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  1. Just saw your blog and wondering if you could let me know how it went with the Lacura creams. Also do you know if any of them have Aloe Vera in them as I am severely allergic to Aloe Vera and can not seem to find ingredient lists. Thank you M (Australia) Put this on as anon as I could not find a profile option that was suitable. Thank you


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