Saturday, August 28, 2010

Aldi Lacura 'Wrinkle Stop' With Syn-Ake - My Thoughts.

When using this product, I found that the serum is actually creamier than I expected and has an opaque look to it rather than translucent, the smell is subtle but quite nice for the short time that I could smell it.

To apply it is fairly easy, although the cannula can take a little more work to hold in a comfortable and accurate position. I think this would be easily solved with either more of a rubbery texture around the whole tube to give it more grip, or larger 'winged' areas at the top where you could hold on to the tube better to stop it sliding through your fingers as you apply the product.

When applying you really need to remember that less is more so be gentle when pushing the tube as you don't want to waste any product as although it is a bargain price, money wasted is still money wasted at the end of the day! I apply the product only to the specific areas as directed, as this is not a serum or moisturiser for the whole face; the areas I apply it to are the forehead, around the eyes (where crow's feet are likely to appear) and laughter lines as I thought if this product did work as it said it would that I really didn't want to end up with a wonky face from applying it in the wrong areas.

As with all my face creams and serum I tend to massage/rub upwards as much as possible to try and counteract gravity (try being the operative word); I'm not sure if this makes a difference or not but I thought I'd throw it out there as I'd heard it can help either in a magazine or on a TV show. I do leave a bit of the serum to absorb naturally rather than rubbing it in to within an inch of its life too. On the skin I found this serum to be comfortable and non greasy, even when under make up.

I didn't see any immediate effect after applying the serum but after about 6 weeks of continuous use I do feel that my skin has improved in the areas I have been using the serum; however it wasn't quite the wow factor transformation that it had lead me to believe it would be on the packaging. I think I just looked a bit more rested, a bit fresher in the face you might say. I would use the product again though, as it is such a bargain and especially if there's even a slight chance of an improvement further down the line then it's worth giving a shot. I would also feel ok to recommend it to others to give it a try as I have no doubt that it does help the skin in some way, even if it's not quite botox in cream form that I hoped it would be... maybe I was expecting too much?!

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  1. wrinkles can be removed and eliminated if proper eye cream or anti wrinkle cream products are applied.

    and also when applying the cream you have to massage it. And apply it on after you wash your face.


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