Monday, August 16, 2010

Yardley April Violets Re-issued

The news that Yardley are re-issuing their April Violets perfume is music to my ears. I just love the sweet smelling violetty goodness. The unmistakeable scent of childhood parma violet sweets brings back memories of being young(er) and eating packets and packets of the things. The best thing though is that I get the parma violet fix without the sugar going into my body and then straight onto my hips/belly/bum etc in weight.

Now I just need Yardley to re-issue their Freesia fragrance too, if only to make my mum happy too!

Update: I have spoken to Yardley directly now and  they have told me that the relaunch will be in September, and that they will also be looking at bringing back some other fragrances too nearer to spring time.

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