Friday, August 13, 2010

Hawaiian Tropic Dry Carrot Oil SPF15

Advantages: Gets You Brown Easily, Easy To Apply, Comfortable When On, Moisturising
Disadvantages: You Miss It When You Don't Have It .
Please note: This is a slightly revised and updated review that I did on another site a while ago!

I first experienced this oil on my holiday to Tossa De Mar in June 2007; I had always liked using oil over my normal cream as I go browner using one, but disappointingly their sun protection factors are usually not sufficient to be used alone. However, I found this particular one in the apartment that I was staying in and was told I could use it if I would like. I was impressed that it had a decent SPF so thought I would give it a go.

I applied the oil and was pleasantly surprised to find that it applied easily (as it's a spray bottle), was easy to see where it had been applied (as you had a lovely sheen where the product was), and did not feel uncomfortable when on the skin as a lot of oils can feel sticky and heavy when applied. I then enjoyed the sun for the whole day, regularly reapplying the oil throughout the day usually around every 2 hours for my skin* which again was less of a chore than I usually experienced as I was used to having to put on cream, and then oil on top.

When we got back early that evening I took a little peek at what I hoped would be my white bits, although I was not really expecting much after the previous days disappointment with the ultrasun. SUCCESS, there were definite white areas where my bikini had been positioned and no burnt bits. I couldn't believe how well it had done in one day of sunbathing not to mention how soft my skin felt at the end of the day. I used it for the rest of the holiday, each day getting browner and browner, I hadn't ever found it this easy to go brown so I was really impressed.. although I still wondered if it was just a lucky one off experience.

I put this to the test in the August as I bought some more to take to Ibiza with me for the 9 days I was holidaying there and sure enough, it did just as well as it had done in Tossa and i came home with a fantastic tan. I felt I had finally found a product that worked well with my skin. I also have to mention at this point, that my boyfriend also used this oil with me and he had the same great results. He doesn't tan as easily as I do whilst in the sun either, so he was really impressed with this stuff too.

I ordered some more to take on holiday with me for 6 days in Ibiza at the beginning of June 2008, but was disappointed when it didn't arrive by the time I was leaving for my holiday. I had to rush to the shops and find a replacement, and quickly. The nearest I could find was Hawaiian Tropic carrot gel SPF8, so I bought it thinking that as it was made by the same people and still contained carrot that it would do the same job for me. I was wrong, I didn't tan half as much as I had done using the carrot oil and had more reapplying it far more as it was a lower factor. I've also found that I am peeling now I am home, even though I didn't burn; this did not happen when I had used the oil.

I don't want to put the substitute gel down as it did an *ok* job but having experienced the carrot oil and having high hopes, this really disappointed me. Needless to say, I have been taking my trusty Hawaiian Tropic SPF 15 Carrot Oil on any holidays that I have had since, and  have been coming home lovely and brown.

*Please remember that it's different for every skin, so remember to reapply according to how your own skin is in the sun. With a SPF of 15, this means you can stay out 15 times longer than you usually could without sun cream before getting burned so reapply often as burning/cancer is just not cool.

Claire. xx
Summary: Tantastic.. cheesy I know (the word, not the oil as that's obviously carrot), but true.

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