Monday, August 30, 2010

The Beautiful Essie Autumn 2010 Collection!

Essie Autumn 2010 Collection

I love the long days that summer brings, even though the ‘summer’ we’ve had is nothing to be proud of;  and thus I’m dreading the shorter days and longer nights that are coming imminently as we hurtle towards autumn and winter.

One thing that has brightened my day and given me something to look forward to in autumn is the Essie 2010 autumn nail polish collection. The collection contains a beautiful selection of hues, perfect for the impending colder weather and darker nights.

“This season’s runways showcased a mix of traditional glamour, chic urban warriors and eclectic colour combinations that has us revved up for fall! The feeling is dark, sexy and minimalist, dominated by a posh palette of decadent, velvet textures and reflective, metallic embellishments.

This fall, designers are mixing it up, combining sheer fabric with leather along with lingerie as outer wear in deep, muted tones and bold colours palettes which is very alluring; explains Essie Weingarten, Founder/President of Essie.I drew inspiration from the range of elegant, sanguine hues and camouflage tones.

Essies new fall 2010 collection embodies the essence of these eclectic fashions with autumnal pops of colour in 6 stunning new shades that are perfect match to falls exquisitely refined accessories and finely tailored ensembles.”

Spectrum of Colours:

  • In Stitches - Cheeky blush pink
  • Limited Addiction - Racy garnet red
  • Sew Psyched - Cashmere soft sage pewter
  • Merino Cool - Sensuous autumn mulberry
  • Velvet Voyeur - Intense chocolate amethyst
  • Little Brown Dress - Beguiling black coffee

These must have polishes are due for release on September 1st in the US - I’m hoping this is the same for the UK as I am SO excited to get my hands on all of them.

Swatches here!


  1. Oh god, I've only gone and ordered them all from the US. Hope they arrive quickly.


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