Thursday, August 19, 2010

Festival Beauty - Learning The Art Of Travelling Light!

So with V Festival coming up this weekend it is now time for me to decide what beauty bits I will be taking with me. After previous festivals I have ended up taking everything but the kitchen sink, including most of my beauty items and been overloaded with things to carry every time - usually because I was in too much of a rush to sort through it all and choose key items that I would definitely need/use.

I have decided that this time I will be streamlining my luggage and taking only essential items, and items that have multiple uses. It’s also going to need to be something long lasting as I don’t want to be heading back to the tent all weekend to make sure I have some chance of looking the best I can do whilst there and also so that I don’t look like something out of a horror film at the first sign of the dreaded rain!

The first item I will need is a moisturiser and I have chosen to take my Eve Lom day cream, purely because I know it works well on my skin so won’t have to worry about it making me look shiny!

I’ll also need:

Primer – Lancome La Base Pro, Perfecting makeup primer with smoothing effect. This should hopefully ensure that my makeup stays where I put it.

Foundation - instead of taking foundation AND powder, I will be taking my Laura Mercier Mineral Powder which has a SPF of 15 which will remove the need to take both a dedicated facial sun cream and also a regular cream foundation too.

Concealer - Jemma Kidd I-Rescue Bio-Complex Cover as it's good for the eye area, and also general blemishes that had better not appear but I'll be prepared for if they do.

Bronzer – Benefit Hoola; it hasn’t failed me yet!

Blush/Highlighter – Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Gold as this is a very subtle ‘colour’ for want of a better word. I just want it to give my skin/cheeks a healthy sheen more than a definite colour and this is perfect for doing just that! I can also use it under my brows to give them a bit of oomph instead of having to take my separate highlighter.

Eyeshadow – Urban Decay ‘Ammo’ eyeshadow box! This is perfect as it contains a mix of colours all in one handy palette; and the colours in the palette are versatile enough to go with a lot of things I am likely to wear, so it saves me taking loads of my single pots with me.

Eyeliner – Urban decay 24/7 liner in black, nice and simple.

Eyelash Primer – Clinique Lash Building Primer to condition my lashes but also to boost the performance of my mascara.

Mascara – I would usually go with Benefit Bad Gal or Clinique High Impact Mascara but they are not waterproof, so I will be taking my Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara with me as it is waterproof and I don’t want panda eyes if it rains (as I do not intend to be crying haha)! I may also take a clear mascara for my eyebrows, if I find something that grabs me before I leave for V.

Lip Gloss – I will be taking 2 of these so I have 2 choices of colour. Lancome Juicy Tubes, in 33 ‘Pamplemousse’ and also Lancome Juicy Tubes, in 98 ‘Strawberry Funk’.

To remove my make up, I will be taking Lancome Galateis Douceur (gentle softening cleansing fluid for eyes and face) which should remove the need for me to take my Bi-Facil eye makeup remover, followed by their Tonique Douceur (softening and hydrating alcohol free toner).

I won’t be making a huge deal about my hair products whilst there as I’m pretty sure I am going to get rained on, if the weather forecast is anywhere near being accurate so I will just take a brush and some accessories to tie it up when it comes to that time. I’ve learned my lesson on that score and whilst it isn’t ideal, it is a festival so it isn’t the end of the world. Hopefully my make up will stay nice and deflect attention from the abomination that will/may be my hair! ;-)


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