Friday, August 13, 2010

Lush Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar

Advantages: Smells Amazing, Moisturising, Seems Good Value For Money!
Disadvantages: None that I've found so far!
This was released by Lush as a special Valentines Day product a year ago, a limited edition if you will.It now appears that this product is here to stay as it is still on the shelves and available to be purchased instore and online.
The bar is shaped like a giant half strawberry - in that it has a flat, smooth back and not a symmetrical design on each side. It is pale pink in colour as opposed to red like a real strawberry, but it does have darker pink flecks running through it. I think the reason they decided to leave it a paler shade of pink/red is because if they had made it any deeper in colour, it could have been a bit of a pain to use as a massage bar due to it staining your skin... and possibly other household items such as bedding and towels etc.

In my opinion it is a perfect colour though... not only for Valentines Day, but for lush in general as I find a lot of girls who use Lush really like the more girly smells and products and there's nothing more girly than pink products that smell sweet! 
The bar fits into my hand but is about the size of the palm of my hand (if you chopped off my fingers and thumb - but please don't, as I quite like having the use of all my fingers haha). I think this is a good size to be honest, as any larger and it may have been too hard to handle and thus maybe too hard to apply to your skin depending on how you use / apply your massage bars!

Application of the bar is to me a personal preference, it's not even something I do the same every time so it seems. Sometimes I like to smear the bar over my skin and then massage it in, other times I warm the bar up in my hands and rub my hands on my skin. Personally I find that smearing it over the skin works best for me most of the time, as it means I'm not potentially wasting any as it's being applied directly to the area that I intend it for, and also it means I get a much stronger hit of the smell left on my skin. It's also not something that requires a partner to massage it in every single time, although that is a nicer way of application, but not always practical to do so!

I've noticed that some people actually dab off any excess that may not have been absorbed into their skin; I don't really like to do this as I prefer to apply it and then put on my dressing gown. This means that any product that doesn't get absorbed into my skin, scents my gown rather than the towel I'm about to put into the washing machine after using it and I at least feel that I get a bit more 'use' from doing it this way too... we have been in a recession after all. ;-)

This brings me to my next point; the smell of this massage bar! I have to say the smell is absolutely divine. It has the sweet smell of the fresh strawberries used in the bar itself mixed with a more creamy scent that makes it smell to me something like a strawberry milkshake or ice cream. It's truly delightful, and if you have ever smelled Lush's yummy yummy yummy shower gel you may have some idea of the smell of this bar as it's also got the 'fruit sundae with cream on top' scent that is used in that.

I do think it could have been even better with a slightly stronger smell as although it's a noticeable smell, I prefer to have a stronger smell that lasts a little longer; so with this in mind, I used the massage bar after showering with yummy yummy yummy. Let me tell you now, I was in absolute strawberry heaven and still smelled like strawberries long after my shower so to get the maximum strawberry scent for as long as possible, I wholeheartedly recommend this method.

Another cocktail (so to speak) I like is using this with my snow fairly shower gel, or the godmother soap (both the same scent) as these are also sweet smelling fragrances. I am yet to try it with my candy fluff body dust, honey I washed the kids soap or any other sweeter items from my lush stash but I will do so and see if I can find any other good matches. Let me know if you have any good mixes for this too in the comments as I'm always up for trying new lush cocktails haha.

The bar also contains cocoa butter and (fair trade) shea butter along with a whole host of other oils to help with both the scent and to give an incredibly moisturising experience; it left my skin feeling beautiful afterwards.

Storing this bar is a bit of a pain, it has to be said as it's too big for the massage bar tins that you get from Lush, but it's not really advisable to leave it in the yellow paper bag that you get from Lush as the oils tend to soak into it and can end up ruining your actual product, not to mention ruining anything that may also be touching the paper bag. I find that storing it in a plastic zip seal bag works ok for me (although not totally perfect for a massage bar), as it does for most of my other Lush items in my stash. Again, please comment if you find an alternative method of storage that may be better than this.

The massage bar costs £5.10 (as of August 2010) and to me is worth every penny as my bar is still going strong after about 8 full body uses!

I recommend this to anybody who likes sweet smells like I do!
Summary: Love it!


  1. the things that I like about it is the natural smell and the cost is affordable. Everyone could just enjoy and have it whenever they want to.

  2. I love this massage bar as well! I store mine on a little plastic soap dish. Or you can store it on your shower caddy since I like to use it like this. When I'm about to get out of the shower, I rub this on then rinse it off. It's not a waste because you still get the scent and moisture without the sometimes greasy feel.


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