Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Kate & William Welcome Their Son, George into the World... and Kate Still has her Baby Bump, Hurrah!

Congratulations to Kate & William on the birth of their son, George. Lovely news and so much nicer to see things like this in the news, rather than all the doom and gloom, don't you think?!

How refreshing it is to see somebody in the public eye having a baby, and coming back into public view with their baby bump still intact and having not had a tummy tuck, or god knows what else to instantly flatten her stomach too. Fair play to her.

More people (celebrities) should take note and stop putting pressure on new mums who are not in the public eye to ping back into shape after giving birth. The time after birth should be spent getting to know your child, not having a nip and tuck (more recovery time) or exercising to within an inch of your life and depriving yourself of calories (losing vital nutrients if breastfeeding your new baby too) to lose your baby weight.

I think they'll make fabulous parents, and look forward to more pictures of their gorgeous new arrival.

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