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Give Up Smoking with Electronic Cigarettes!?

Louise from Big Brother, vaping.
I've never been a smoker, I tried it once and absolutely hated it, but I was told by friends who already smoked that I just 'needed to get used to it' - I couldn't get my head around why I'd ever want to get used to something that had tasted so vile, so I never did it again! Looking back, I'm really lucky that I didn't start smoking, as I know a lot of people who do smoke now, that wish they hadn't started, and I know I'd be one of them, if I'd have allowed myself to just 'get used to it' back then.

As a non smoker, I also really dislike being around cigarette smoke, it irritates my eyes, nose, and chest... not to mention the smell of smoke getting into my hair and clothes that I can smell for hours after (yuck) and the added risk of getting cancer too! So, it's fair to say that I was pleased when the smoking ban started, although it did make the night less social and more broken up, with people I was with having to head outside to get their 'fix' - but you can't have everything, right?

Well apparently you can, because there's a new generation of electronic cigarettes that are 'as good as any cigarette' according to both my mum and my sister, who have been using them for well over a year. The electronic cigarettes vaporise fluid which gives the sensation, the hit of nicotine and the taste of smoking a cigarette, but without all the nasty stuff that usually comes with smoking.

When they're having their electronic cigarettes, there's no adverse effect on the air around them as all they're breathing out is a bit of water vapour that disappears very quickly, and has no smell etc to offend the people around them.

They have even used them in bars, without issue - although they always speak to staff first to make sure it's ok though (so they're not mistaken for actually smoking in there), and normally have people who smoke approaching them to ask where they get them from and if they're any good!

The vapestick electronic cigarette is a perfect example, where you buy the electronic cigarette model that you think you'd like (some look like cigarettes, but some you can buy in silver, black and white metal that don't look like cigarettes, and depending on how much you smoke - and therefore how much you'll potentially be 'vaping' as they call it, you may want to get one with a larger, or smaller battery and cartridge) and continue to use that, rather than throwing it away like you would a cigarette (although they do do disposable ones too) - so this could be even better for the environment too (less smoke, less cigarette ends filling up landfill).

If this is something you have been wanting to try then I recommend getting a starter kit for whichever you choose, since it comes with everything you need to get started, and then you can add to your kit as and when you need to (extra fluid, batteries or atomisers etc). If you think you will be using an electronic cigarette quite a lot, I do recommend getting an additional battery, so that you don't have to wait whilst your other one charges up - just make sure you get it to match the model of E-Cigarette that you buy, so that it works.

It seems like the perfect way to give up smoking, or at least cut down, which is especially good for health reasons (as we all know the dangers involved), but also for financial ones too - since this way of 'smoking' has been much cheaper for my both my sister, and my mum. My sister has stopped smoking normal cigarettes, and my mum has drastically cut down her normal cigarette intake due to these electronic cigarettes which I think is fantastic, since they were both smokers for many, many years.

This might seem like a bit of an odd post to have posted on a beauty blog, but it's something that is so close to my heart due to it affecting people I care about (my mum has emphysema, so it was really important to get her to cut down &n eventually quit smoking), and I really wanted to help get the word out about these things.

And, actually when you think about it, smoking does damage your looks, especially your skin, and so anything that helps people to quit, or at least cut down is also likely to be doing their skin the world of good too - bonus! :-)

Have you ever tried an electronic cigarette?

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