Monday, September 24, 2012

Cher Lloyd Perfume!

Hello my lovelies, how are we all? I'm still struggling with very intermittent (almost non existent) internet here, hence my absences over the last few months with pages being unable to load 99% of the time, let alone upload photographs. I've missed being able to blog daily, but am hoping that this is about to change as we're getting a bit more effort from Virgin in their efforts to sort this mess out.

Anyway, I received an unexpected package today containing the new Cher Lloyd fragrance, imaginatively titled 'Cher Lloyd' and thought I could blog about it immediately, since it doesn't really require any internet stability to upload large numbers of DSLR images that I'd normally have for a product (so apologies for the bog standard images, but hopefully normal service will be resumed sooner rather than later).
Now, I'm not sure that this is a fragrance aimed at my demographic with its Barbie pink plastic diamond bottle, but actually, I don't hate it. It's not necessarily the kind of scent I would personally wear (at least not on a regular basis), but I think that for a celebrity fragrance, it isn't the worst I've ever smelt.

The notes in the fragrance are written on the box, but for the benefit of this review, I shall also list them here:

Top Notes
Golden Quince
Exotic Kiwi

Middle Notes
Jasmine Petals
White Chocolate
Orris Root

Base Notes
Creamy Musks
Vanilla Pod
Indian Sandalwood

The vanilla is very apparent on spraying, but on dry down my nose also picks up on the creamy musk and a slightly sweet, floral scent with just the slightest hint of fruit behind it. 

I've just read this last sentence ^ out to Mr Beauty Scoop and his reaction was 'what the fuck have you just said to me, you're talking a language I don't understand' - haha, men eh!!

It actually reminds me of the hugely popular Fantasy perfume, by Britney Spears (if my memory serves me correctly) with its sweet, musky scent.

I think this perfume will be quite a hit with teenage girls... and possibly some older ones also, if they have a penchant for sweetly scented fragrance. The price point seems to be very affordable too at £15 for 30ml and £20 for 50ml, which is especially great if you're at an age where you're relying on pocket money to buy you all those things you desire in life. :-)

All in all, I think Cher has achieved what she set out to with this perfume and would happily buy it as a gift for younger female family members.

Available here and here (slightly cheaper, but only 30ml available, correct at time of writing).

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