Monday, December 17, 2012

Megan Fox Copy Cat Shoes!?

I saw this picture of the stunning Megan Fox over on The Huffington Post, looking amazing after giving birth a short time ago. I instantly found myself looking at her feet, well her shoes, actually and admiring how lovely they were. So, I set off to find something similar, and these heels from Dorothy Perkins are what I found:

They're not identical, they're peep toe for a start, but I quite like the cooler toned nude shade, and I'm a sucker for any kind of sparkle which make these shoes ideal for me; taking just about enough inspiration from the Megan Fox heels to keep me satisfied.

Unfortunately stock is limited on the Dorothy Perkins website, with only 2 sizes available. However, I've seen these aplenty in stores I've been into lately, if you fancy getting yourself a pair; and frankly their delivery service and online customer service is shocking, so it's probably a blessing in disguise.

What do you think, ladies?

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  1. I really like them! I love sparkles and glitter especially on shoes! They just make any outfit special! :)

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  3. Lovely shoe. I like the color and the design.

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