Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wordless (ish) Wednesday - I Don't Have a Drink Problem, But I Do Need These in My Life.

You may remember a post I did back in July, "I Don't Have a Drink Problem, But I Do Need These in My Life." where I had found a couple of items that I rather liked the look of to sneak booze into clubs and festivals, but unfortunately were only available in America, or to be shipped at huge expense. Well I've just come across another item on Facebook that looks ideal for the task AND is available in the UK too. Winning.

The 'Bev-Brush' (£15.74, currently on offer), holds 185ml of fluid, and can even be used as a proper brush - complete with mirror on the back. I am seriously tempted with this. ;-)

Another item I saw on the same site was this 'Bev-Cam' (£10.59), which holds 145ml of fluid and seems legit enough to get through some security, maybe?

Would you use any of these? Or have you got any other sneaky ways to save money whilst out drinking? Ha. x

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    1. They're brilliant, aren't they. I have been mulling it over for 24 hours now, wondering if I could get away with it, haha. x


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