Friday, May 9, 2014

Imperial Leather Foamburst Shower Gel - Honey & Almond and Sweet Vanilla & Cherry!

There are not many better feelings in life than being fresh out of the shower in my opinion, and so choosing a shower gel that makes you smell great, and feel as fresh as a daisy is very important to me. So, when I was given the opportunity to trial a couple of the new Imperial Leather Foamburst fragrances, I jumped at the chance, as I’ve always got on well with their products in the past.

The new fragrances each have their own genie to represent them, and with that, their own ‘personality’ which you can read up on here that reflect their individual scent.

I was sent the Sweet Vanilla/Cherry Blossom (Sebastian) and Honey & Almond (Cael) varieties to test out, and both are absolutely lovely.

The Sweet Vanilla and Cherry Blossom Foamburst is a stronger, more noticeable sweeter scent with a big hit on the cherry front to my nose. This is totally up my street as I do love a strong scent, especially when I’m not necessarily layering up on other fragrances. Great for you sweet scent lovers out there.
The Honey and Almond is a more subtle fragrance, just a nice clean and fresh scent… which I also love for a different reason; as sometimes you want your other fragrances (perfume, body lotion etc.) to do the talking, and this variety works much better in this instance, as fragrance clashes are never a good thing in my book. This is also perfect for those of you who don’t necessarily want a lot of fragrance, just a neutral, clean scent.

The thing I like about the Foamburst range is that the products really are true to their name. Literally moments after squirting out the gel, you see the gel turn white and start to foam in your hand. This makes it feel a lot more luxurious and expensive than it actually is, at £2.99 per bottle. Plus there’s something totally satisfying about seeing it foam up like this for me, is this weird? Maybe, ha!

However, this also means you don’t need to use as much product to start with, meaning it’s cost effective, and also means that it’s perfect for using not only for washing, but for shaving too – therefore saving you more money on having to buy extra products.

They say you get 40 uses from one 200ml can, which at full RRP of £2.99 per can works out at approximately 7p per shower, which is dirt cheap (pun intended). I’d agree with this, as you really don’t need to use a huge amount per wash, since the foam covers a large area, especially when used with a sponge, or flannel.

All in all, I would totally recommend this range from my experiences so far. I’m very much a luxury end of the scale kinda girl; and this, even though it doesn’t have a huge price tag or designer name, still ticks all the boxes for me on every level… so a big thumbs up here.

*In association with Imperial Leather, my views remain unaffected by this.

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