Friday, September 12, 2014

No Makeup for Marc Jacobs Models at New York Fashion Week!

So what do we think of Marc Jacobs models having not one single scrap of makeup on whilst on the runway at his spring/summer 2015 show at New York Fashion Week?

I love it, actual natural beauty (ok, they're models... but still) and a focus on skincare rather than hiding 'flaws'. Brilliant.

Only moisturiser was used by makeup artist Francois Nars (the genius behind the NARS makeup brand). It must have been the easiest job he's ever been paid to do too. :-)

Does this give you more confidence to go out sans makeup?

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  1. Wow brave move for fashion week! I love to wear no make up in the comfort of my own home lol.

    Cat from Outside, Beauty, Inside Health

    1. I love that they did this, I totally applaud it... let's hope this is a sign for more natural beauty shining through, even occasionally in the fashion world. :-) And yes, at home and on my own is generally the only place that I LOVE the absolute no make up look, hahaha. I don't always wear make up outside of the home, but on these occasions I do find myself feeling very self conscious. x

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