Thursday, November 12, 2020

Primark £30 Coat is £1665 Cheaper Than its Designer Twin!

Primark has once again had fans excited over their latest designer dupe. 

This time, it's one of their winter coat releases. 

Their new, £30 faux-fur coat is very similar in style to a designer, Claudie Pierlot coat currently being sold in Selfeidges for an eye watering £1695! 

If none of those take your fancy, Claudie Pierlot do have a slightly cheaper offering, at £305 for their Florent faux-fur coat, which also has a hood. 

Personally, between the three designs, I think I prefer the green/khaki Primark one, or the cheaper Claudie Pierlot Florent hooded coat. 

I'm quite surprised by my choices here as I usually seem to unwittingly go for the most expensive option, ha

What do you think though, do any of these float your boat? 

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