Tuesday, June 28, 2011

OPI Serena Glam Slam - Rally Pretty Pink & Red Shatter (Pic Heavy)!

If you were a fan of ORLY’s Cosmic FX range then the new OPI/Serena Williams ‘Rally Pretty Pink’ polish will be right up your street! It has the same duo-chromatic qualities and the same kind of finish too!

I have to say, I love these finishes and I can sit looking at them for ages... even days after application. This is especially the case with these types as when the sun or any light catches them they sparkle and glisten beautifully.
The shade shows mostly as a definite pink on the promotional photographs but actually in reality I find it’s very a gold-y shade for the most part – of course this can also depend on your surroundings and lighting too as these can have a huge effect on the colours it reflects. You do get flashes of pink and even purple in there, but to my eye there are definitely a lot of gold tones in there.
This shows the pinky purple colour flashes best!

This post is picture heavy for this reason, as the light caught it in so many different ways, I couldn’t not show you them all!

The swatches show 4 coats but I could have managed with 3 and the wear time has been great, I'm on day 4.5 with minimal tip wear and a slight chip where I scraped it against the metal part of my desk by accident that was easily hidden because of the nature of the polish and its finish!
I wouldn’t say the shade instantly makes me think ‘SUMMER’ but it does look beautiful in the sunlight as mentioned, and doesn’t look out of place when wearing it in the summer either. Plus, with it being so spangley, I think would also be a perfect polish for the Christmas party season too – especially with the red shatter over the top!
The red shatter is lovely, and it isn’t quite as matte as the black shatter either, which is a good thing for me... and also good when using it with the Rally Pretty Pink polish too as I wouldn’t normally use a topcoat with this kind of polish finish!

It shatters well, leaving plenty of the polish underneath still showing, but to me appears a bit darker than I expected it to be – it’s not a bad thing though, it still looks great and possibly would appear lighter on top of a different polish (I shall experiment and post up as a NOTD feature)!

Available as a set from Lena White for £20.50!

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