Friday, June 10, 2011

Holiday Eye Of The Day - Part 2!

This is another of my holiday eye looks; again, I wanted something quite bright and I think this fit that requirement perfectly. I spent a little more time on this one, compared to the one I posted up yesterday but still tried to keep it as simple as possible. These are the only 2 eye looks I photographed with a view to posting up, so they may be the only 2 EOTD's that I post, depending on if I find any more suitable photographs to edit down!
I used 4 different shadows: Sleek Curious Palette (C2 and D1 in the bottom photo) for the inner and outer colours - both on top and under the eye; then I used MyFace Blingtone in 'Caribbean Queen' (over the inner corner colour) and MyFace Blingtone in 'Bellbottom Blues' in the centre!
I used my Avon Gel Eyeliner again, and I think the mascara was the Bourjois Rotating Mascara as mentioned yesterday!

What do you think?


  1. That is really nice, it works well with your hair colour. I like the look of that palette but it seems that they don't make it any more.

  2. I got mine from eBay earlier this year, it does come on there quite often from what I've seen. To be honest though, you could probably get away with just using the MyFace shadows and a bright purple for the look if needed. xx


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