Monday, November 4, 2013

Angle Cut Wig: Hairdo by Ken Paves!

Back in July I decided it would be a fun idea to see if I could fool my friends on Facebook with a short blond wig that I bought. I haven't actually worn it out seriously as I do love my own hair and always end up just styling that instead, but I do quite like it regardless.

As I walked in to see my dad and step mum with it on to ask their opinion, I saw my neighbour and she didn't even recognise me, which encouraged me to take the images above (I wasn't actually naked, by the way).

This gave me the perfect status update to play my prank when I updated my profile with the first image in the collage and the accompanying status: "Haha my neighbour didn't recognise me then with my new hair..." to which I got a tonne of replies, basically saying how amazing it looked. To the point that I actually felt guilty and went out partying, wondering how I'd break the news that it was actually a wig, ha!

To say I fooled them was an understatement, and even a few weeks later when I took the wig to a party and plonked it on my head, I got a message from an old friend asking if this picture of me (see below), captured at an after party whilst I was drunk, was an old image (as I used to have hair similar to this myself), or if I'd had my hair cut/dyed. I even have my red hair showing through, so it must be convincing, haha.

The wig is by Ken Paves, who is a celebrity hairdresser, and is made from 'Tru2Life' fibre, which basically means that you can style the hair using heated stylers, but apparently not ones that are *too* hot, such as GHDs.

This particular wig, the 'Angle Cut Wig' in Ginger Blonde is based on the now famous crop cut that he did for Victoria Beckham (and this was also a style I actually sported back in the day (aged about 17, as previously mentioned) and whilst it isn't real hair, it does appear to be very convincing to others. This is an essential to me when wearing a wig that isn't a novelty style or colour, especially considering its price point of £95 (although it's currently on sale at £85 at HotHair, as linked above).

Overall, I do think this wig is a good purchase if you like to change your look without actually going for the chop or reaching for the bleach/dye. It is comfy to wear, and not *too* hot either... and whilst it hasn't had a great amount of use, I know that should I want to rock the short, blonde look at any point, I will be happy to wear this, as I know I can easily fool people whilst doing so.

Do you wear wigs? Would you wear a wig like this?

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