Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wella Wednesday: New Hair.

New hair time, well similar to before but just slight tweaks in that I wanted the orange brightening again as it had started to dull, and there's also a different pink in there too, but it's subtle... I want it brighter next time. :-) I also had just about an inch taken off all over and a few long layers kept in.

I must say, I am not getting bored at all with my main colour, or the orange but I did toy with the idea of having a bluey/turquoise as my contrast colour, or very bright pink (or both)... maybe I'll go for that in my next appointment, or the one after. I do love the bright shades, and am getting them done whilst I'm still just about young enough to pull it off, ha.
As it was applied.

When dry, both straight and then curled.
The technique the dye was applied in is called Flashlights, and is apparently where hair is going now that Ombré and Dip Dying are apparently 'fizzling out'. Basically, on my hair it's my normal hair colour, then pink, then orange then pink again.. so it's not just the one shade in each length of hair.
Back and front, styled.

The colour I have on my main bit of hair is Koleston with a shade mixed up for me, made up of: 55/65 with 0/65, 0/28 and 8/81 (roots and mid lengths) with makes a slightly lighter pinky, purple-y, red shade; and then also Magma for the pink and orange parts. Magma lifts and colours at the same time, so effectively cuts out having to pre-lighten/bleach and is permanent.

To style, I had it blown with volume, and then curled using the new Wella straighteners (not yet out), before having the curls combed and shaken through to loosen, and set with hairspray. I love it.

What do you think, like it?

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