Thursday, December 5, 2013

Clinique 'Secret Seven' Day 4!

This week Clinique have been offering treats with purchases made online, I'm a bit behind times with this due to net connection issues and email woes, which has meant that I haven't been getting through my emails as quickly as I'd like due to a massive backlog, so have only posted today and yesterday;s.

Today is day 4 and with that comes a free 'All I Want For Christmas' gift, worth over £26 with an online purchase of £30 or over (today only)! This is the perfect time to buy that product that you've had your eye on, or restock products that are running low.

I think the gift looks absolutely lovely today, but I'd actually be tempted to use the gift set as a mini stocking filler gift, if I couldn't find much use for it myself, yet still needed to stock up on my Clinique favourites. It's almost guilt free spending, as it means you're also tackling the Christmas gift shopping list too. ;-)

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  1. Last night I noticed that Clinique ' Secret Seven' Day 4 isn't nearly as potent since I am used to it being more powerful than the other Clinique anti-aroma products. However, it still works great and if you aren't feeling up to par today, this product would make a great pick-me-up. Here you can get Auckland Concrete more things about the layers. Formula is light and creamy with just a hint of that Clinique scent. It doesn't last long but it's not as heavy as some creams can be on the skin. It leaves behind a refreshed feeling and perfect primer for foundation application.


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