Wednesday, December 11, 2013

John Lewis Christmas... I'm Window Shopping Again!

I am a girl with massive magpie tendencies. I love bling, sparkle, glitter... whatever you want to call it. So, Christmas for me is like my idea of heaven (even though I am TOTALLY not ready for it yet, this year). You get to put up decorations which make your home sparkly, you get to overdo the glitter and sparkle in outfits, and you get to do it often too. So, I always find myself browsing such items online... and in particular on the John Lewis website for their Christmas decorations, as I've always loved what they have to offer.

I've actually shied away from my normal golds/browns for the most part, I guess as I have lots of similar items already, and so my eyes were drawn to different colours that are sooo pretty. Have a look and see for yourself!
John Lewis Sparkle Glass Bauble , Blue £2.40
John Lewis Sparkle Glass Bauble, Black £2.40
John Lewis Glitter Strip Glass Bauble, Orange/Black £2.80
Shakspeare Glass Iridescent Opaline Diamond Hand Blown Glass Tree Decoration, Multi £14.40
Shakspeare Glass Metalic Opaline Hand Blown Glass Bauble, Cobalt Blue £14.40
John Lewis Red Glitter Pine Cone Heart Wreath, 25cm £10.00
John Lewis Indoor Battery-Operated Holographic Christmas Star Light, Multi £20
John Lewis Indoor Holographic Christmas Tree Light, H75cm, Multi £35.00

I'd also love these brilliant looking lights to brighten the place up... they look super cool:

John Lewis Indoor/Outdoor LED Popsicle Christmas Line Lights, x100, Multi
And, if it's not too late to start an advent calendar then I'd also love this cute Ciaté Mini Nail Lacquer Advent Calendar too... y'know, just because it's pretty and I'm slightly addicted to nail polish and all that jazz. ;-)

Have you been window shopping anywhere recently? What decoration themes have you gone for this year? Are you even ready for Christmas yet? xx

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