Thursday, October 9, 2014

Raving Mad: Cream Birthday Part 1 and a Little Update!

You may or may not have noticed that I've been a bit of a party girl ever since becoming single last year, I have basically reverted back to type, back to how I was pre Mr Ex Beauty Scoop; and so I've decided that along with the usual beauty, fashion and lifestyle bits that I normally feature on here (and will continue to do so, even more now my internet seems stable again), that I'll also be writing about events and club nights I've been to, since they're such a large part of my life these days.

Posts that I write will be about the nights themselves, and also as 'What I Wore' fashion and beauty type features too.. so there'll still be a definite fashion and beauty element in there for you all. It recently occurred to me that I do my make-up for these nights out that I have each weekend, and you never get to see it... so I'll be showing you my favourite looks, must have products and tips/techniques for stay put make-up that will survive even the longest night out. :-)

I also have a larger article planned about my favourite events from this year so far, and events to look out for in the future in the pipeline (I'm just editing down a mass of photographs with a partially working laptop, which is taking some time and finalising the text), but this weekend I shall be raving my tush off at Cream's birthday (part 1)  in Liverpool, so expect to see what I wore and my thoughts on the night very soon.

If you're fancying a night out there yourself, then get yourself over to Skiddle for a ticket as it's due to be a biiiig, brilliant night. I can't wait.

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