Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Gift Guide - Winter Warmers!

Christmas shopping can invariably lead to stress, headache, and panic (for the unprepared last minute Larrys, like I am this year)… not to mention extremely painful feet and the potential for mild assault from other keen shoppers if you’re braving the shops, rather than shopping online. Personally, I try to stick to buying online as much as I can, so as to avoid the physically painful part, at least.

Now I know there’s loads of gift guides floating around, but I firmly believe that you can never have too much inspiration if you’re truly stumped for things to buy – especially if like me, you have to buy both for the people who seemingly have everything, and also the people who actually want nothing (thanks dad… a jumper it is then, again); and so I’m compiling a few guides for you covering a whole host of fabulous looking ‘stuff and things’ in the hope that I can maybe inspire you on the perfect gifts to buy for your nearest and dearest.

This guide focuses on products to purchase to keep your loved ones nice and toasty in the ‘weather ridden’ coldness that we call winter. I mean who doesn’t want to be warm, right?! So without further ado, here’s a whole heap of fabulousness that I’d personally love to own/receive. I could probably have just called all these guides ‘Claire's Wish Lists’ if I’m honest.

1. Ted Baker Prata Zip Front Cape in Taupe £249 – I’ve got a massive thing about capes at the moment and this one is just so chic that I just had to include it in this guide. It’s pricey-ish, but to me this is more of an investment piece that would see somebody through many seasons, complementing many outfits for a variety of occasions.

2. Ted Baker Riza Leather Biker Jacket in Grape £399 – This is a more casual option, but I love it all the same. I’m a big fan of the colour, the gold accenting and the quilting on the shoulders, as I’m also very partial to quilting… preferably on a Chanel bag, that I own (I don’t own one though *sob*). Again I feel this is another investment piece that will quite easily see you through the years.

3. New Look Black Tartan Check Reversible Oversized Scarf £14.99 – I’m loving the tartan trend that we’re seeing this season, it makes me think I should have kept my tartan trousers from the 90’s, although they were seriously unfashionable until this season… so probably best that I didn’t. This scarf combines the fabulous red tartan print with one of my other favourite prints, dogtooth/houndstooth. I adore it. I would wear this all day, every day, possibly even in bed. Love it.

4. New Look Parisian Blue Check Hooded Blanket Wrap £22.99 – If a scarf just doesn’t cut it for you, then this gorgeous blanket wrap should do the trick. I love the pattern, the style and that is has a hood to boot. Perfect.

5. Ruby & Ed Husky & Coyote Faux Fur Hand Muff, £34.00 – I have wanted a hand muff for ages, as I just don’t seem to get on with gloves, spending time taking them off, putting them back on, then off again and then invariably losing one, or both. These hand muffs/mufflers seem to be the answer to my problem, since they just hand around your neck and you can insert/withdraw your hands as needed without any extra effort. I’ve just realised I’m a lazy so and so when it comes to my hand warming needs, and an idiot that loses things. Wonderful, ha.

6. Ruby & Ed Brit Candy Hood in Burgundy, £99 – How comfy and warm does this bugger look? This looks ideal for the cold weather we have to put up in this wonderful country during the winter months. Plus my theory is that it wouldn’t ruin your hair as much as a normal hat would, due to it’s looser fit. Bonus, right?!

7. AX Paris Aztec Multi Coloured Printed Cape £19.99 (down from £35) – Another cape, but this time with an Aztec print, which is equally as fabulous as the tartan, but slightly different styling. I’m mad on capes at the moment, can you tell? Plus, it’s in the sale so it means you save some money to boot… or are able to purchase more, which is the route I usually take. ;-)

8. Boohoo Emily Parka with Fur Hood £45 – I adore this coat! The fur hood and the fluffy fleecy lining look like a cuddle in a coat. Plus, I like the more casual style of this for every day wear, and especially cold days where thinner coats just wouldn’t cut it in the keeping warm stakes. Perfect, I want it.

9. Berghaus Women’s Dovenby Fleece Pullover £45 – For the sportier types, this fleece top from Berghaus may just fit the bill. I’m a sucker for pink, hence that’s the colour I have posted, but actually I’d be happy to own these in all the colours available. They’re perfect for active types who are able to drag themselves out into the cold weather to go running, or something equally as horrifying when they could lovely and warm, sat indoors. ;-)

10. Berghaus Women’s Ramche Hyper Hydrodown Jacket £230 – Again, another one for the sportier, more active types… although I’d totally still wear this, and just pretend I was one of those kinds of people, ha. This loooovely bright pink coat looks like it will keep you warm without weighing you down, and will make sure you’re seen if you’re out running in the dark too – health and safety, guys. :-P

So there we have just a very small selection from a handful of websites (I could have gone overboard and listed about a thousand products, but I held back) to give you some inspiration when it comes to purchasing gifts for those, like me who never seem to have enough warm clothes when it gets to winter. I think my issue is that I just like purchasing dresses to go out partying in so that I don’t get seen in the same dress in clubs too often, oh well. ;-)

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