Saturday, May 7, 2011

Halo Hair Extensions Launch In Debenhams, Manchester (Plus Pics)!

I’ve been looking into hairpieces and wigs a lot lately but hadn’t quite decided on what I wanted, so it felt like fate when I got invited to the Halo Hair Extensions launch at Debenhams in Manchester.

When I got there, there was already a bit of a buzz around the stand, music was playing and the bubbly was flowing; all the Halo girls had been having their hair done up by Richard Harvey, their resident hair stylist for the evening, and they all looked great.

As you may know, I currently have plum-y tones in my hair, so I wasn’t entirely sure if there would be anything close to my colour to match it to, as every other hairpiece I’d seen (crown volumizers and pony tails etc from various brands) had been in generic colours like black, brown, dark brown and blonde etc; however the lovely ladies at the stand found an almost perfect match for my hair (99J , in case you’re wondering) which surprised and pleased me in equal measures!

I was offered the opportunity to have Richard put my set of extensions in for me, which I accepted – but had them put in a little differently as I had been talking about using them to bulk up side buns and up-do’s – I loved the finished result, this man is a genius! Lily from Beauty’s Bad Habit took a few photographs of me having my hair styled, so I’ve posted one up for you to see... and you can see my face in it (eek!) so please be nice, I’m very shy!

It occurred to me that since this is real hair and in the same kind of tone as my own hair that there may be some colour fading, I was told that this wouldn’t happen as they lock the colour in (I don’t know how) which is reassuring!

You could actually have this hair dyed if you wanted to, I was told that I could basically treat the hair like I would my own and that means colouring, straightening, curling, and shampooing and conditioning with my normal products which is great for me as one thing that stopped me buying other pieces I had seen was the extra care and attention needed to keep them looking good.

A good match, yes!?

Halo hair have both real and synthetic hair for sale on their website, but on their Debenhams concession stand they seem to just have the real hair, which is what was picked out for me. The hair is so soft and smooth, you can tell it’s good quality - and the clips looked easy to use too. I loved that I could see and feel the hair beforehand, then get colour matched there and then (they have small wefts in cute little drawers for this) which is something you can’t do when browsing the website – no matter how well designed it is! :-)
They use ‘Virgin Indian remy hair’ which is said to be one of the best quality hair types for extension use, so they’re not selling you any old hair, just because it’s cheap for them... which leads me to my next point, the price.

I’ve seen hair pieces (not extension types, just crown volumizers etc) for around £60-80ish, and wigs that could go for much, much more - all of which were synthetic (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I hasten to add) so I was expecting these full head, real hair extension pieces to be even more than that.

Actually I got a very pleasant surprise when I found out that a 16 inch full head clip-in set was just £49.99 – this is the set I was given and it’s perfectly ample for my hair. They also have other lengths available and also deluxe sets in each length that basically give you more wefts of hair to work with.

The prices are as follows:

Clip In Full Head Sets:
16” £49.99
20” £59.99
24” £69.99

Deluxe Heads:
16” £74.99
20” 84.99
24” £94.99

Halo hair also do a couple of other products that I thought deserved a quick mention, the first is something called ‘The Halo’ – a wide weft of hair on a very fine fibre (I’m sorry, I don’t know what it’s made of) that goes all the way around the crown of your head (like a halo, of course) and you then pull your own hair over it, giving you instant extra volume and length. This is perfect for those of you who don’t feel comfortable using clips, or whose hair is too fine to hide the clips from the normal range satisfactorily.

The Halo:
16” £79.99
20” £89.99

Also available are their new feathers range, available in pink, purple, peacock and natural – I saw these on the stand and they look really good fun. They’re perfect for summer and could have you looking festival fabulous in under a minute... I’ll be keeping my eye out for these at V Festival this year; I can imagine a lot of girls will be wearing them (quite possibly myself included)! Prices for the feathers start at £9.99 which is also very reasonable!

If you’re in the Manchester area then it’s definitely worth popping in for a look, the girls are really friendly and the products are great! There are plans to roll out more Halo stands to more Debenhams stores throughout the country so if you’re not in Manchester then you might not have too long to wait for yours – you could always order online if you’re itching to get your hands on your own set of extensions right away!

P.S, When I put these in my hair myself, I'll photograph the results and do another post about how easy I found them to use etc.

Disclosure: PR Sample


  1. I'm so jealous, I couldn't make this launch in the end and they look so fab!

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  4. Hi what colour dye do you use on your hair I have these extensions and i am trying to match thanks

    1. hi i have just bought the same 99j hair extensions did you ever find out what hair dye is a perfect match thanks.

  5. They ate not virgin indian remy because the are coloured. They are just indian remy.


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