Thursday, May 19, 2011

Deborah Lippmann - 'Superstar' Polish!

I’ve been spending again at House of Fraser, I just can’t help myself whenever I’m out shopping – even if I’m not out shopping specifically for makeup (this trip was for holiday items)! Anyway I bought this beautiful Deborah Lippmann nail polish, ‘Superstar’ just because they still didn’t have ‘Today Was a Fairytale’ in stock... although somebody with more willpower than myself may have just walked away empty handed!
The polish is a gorgeous bronze-y, coppery brown-y colour; and whilst it’s not a particularly summer colour, it is still a beautiful one that will get a lot of use during the autumn and winter months!

I love that the glitter is not just suspended in clear polish; this means it needed less coats to get a decent finish. The photos show 2 coats, although they don’t do the polish any justice at all... the finish of this nail polish is absolutely stunning. I actually need to hide this polish once I’ve posted this as my mum has been eyeing it up ever since I showed it to her – she’s such a magpie (like me) when it comes to the shiny!
The 2 coats with no top or bottom coat (as I wanted to see how it lasted with no extra products) lasted almost 3 days with no chips which is quite good for a glitter polish, especially without the extra grip and protection of a base and top coat!

It’s not a cheap polish, coming in at about £14 (which is a bit annoying since Americans pay about the same, but in dollars – which is a lot cheaper) but I do think it’s worth it – especially if you feel like really treating yourself!

Available at House of Fraser stores and online!

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