Sunday, May 22, 2011

Victoria Beckham Pregnancy Product Recommendation!

Her latest recommendation comes in the form Elemis, Japanese Camelia Oil; an oil that has been used for many centuries for the care of skin, hair, nails and scalp. It's said to be great for stretch marks so I can definitely see why she'd be using it during her pregnancy, and if it's got the VB stamp of approval then I’d imagine it to be a very good product indeed.
It's widely available in the UK but I've found 2 great deals that are currently on. The first is at Debenhams who are running their regular beauty discount of 10%  at the moment, so you'd get a bottle of it for just £24.84. If you'd rather spend a little more and get 2 bottles of it then QVC is your best bet as they're currently selling them for £44.22 (postage included) - but they are on waitlist only... not such a problem id you don't mind waiting a little longer.

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