Tuesday, October 29, 2013

5 Skincare Mistakes You Probably Don't Know You're Making.

Most people take their skin for granted until something goes wrong. A spot appears, so you buy some cream to clear it up; you notice some lines, so you buy anti-wrinkle products. But you could be causing skin problems without even realising it.

The two biggest mistakes

We’ve all heard the warnings about covering up and using a high SPF cream in the sunshine, but did you know that you should apply sun cream every day? Even during winter, when you’re in the daylight, some ultraviolet rays can penetrate the cloud cover and damage your skin. Smoking is the next biggest cause of skin problems and is terrible for your health, not just your skin. Smoking restricts your circulation, reducing your skin's suppleness and leading to premature ageing. Quitting is the best option.

Sleep well and exercise

Lack of sleep can take its toll on your looks in general and leave you with lacklustre skin. As you sleep, your skin cells are refreshed because of a state called ‘parasympathetic mode’ in which the systems that are not part of your core receive more energy than usual. If you don’t get enough sleep, your skin cells will not be renewed as quickly as they should. As well as benefiting your heart, lungs and muscles, exercise is important for your skin. When you exercise, your circulation improves and that’s great for your skin, so get those trainers out of the cupboard and head for the park.

Skincare products

If you chop and change products frequently, they won't have a chance to work and your skin will suffer because of it. Give products at least three months to effect any changes, unless you notice sensitivity to them. The age of products is important, too. Are you still using make-up or toiletries that you’ve had for years? There’s a good chance that they have outlived their usefulness and they could be harbouring bacteria. One product you shouldn't be without is exfoliating cream. Exfoliating cream benefits come from removing dead skin cells, allowing the unhampered growth of new cells. It should be a part of your routine, but not every time you wash, as that would be too harsh on your skin.


Some people like to take a long, hot shower as part of their beauty routine, to wash away all dirt and also to open their pores. However, this causes the loss of oils that are beneficial to the skin. Shower in warm water, for a shorter time, to avoid drying out your skin. Your skin also needs to be properly hydrated from the inside to enable its circulation to work properly. Drinking plenty of water will make sure that your cells can function properly. There is no set amount of fluid to aim for, as needs vary, but experts recommend that you don’t allow yourself to become thirsty.


It’s unlikely that you are an expert in skin conditions, yet you’ve probably been guilty of self-diagnosis at some point. If you notice a blemish or rash that doesn’t go away within a week, ask at your local pharmacy or see your GP for a professional diagnosis rather than trying all sorts of self-prescribed remedies that may make things worse.

By having a good look at your habits and recognising your mistakes, you can make your skincare routine into something much more beneficial. Your skin has a big job to do; by treating it properly, you’re making sure it does the best job it can.

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  1. I recently switched from drinking an average of at least six Coke Zeros a day (not exaggerating, I promise, lol) to nothing but plain water. Hard, but worth it!

    Voyage of the MeeMee

    1. I remember being a lot younger and seeing supermodels (the originals, Cindy Crawford etc) talking about water being the secret to their beauty, staying slim, good skin etc. So I started forcing myself to drink it without cordial all those years ago (I think I must have been about 10 or 11 lol) and have never really drank anything else since, other than alcohol at weekends. It's the only thing that stops me being thirsty, and any other sweeter drinks make my mouth feel horrible afterwards. Once you've made the switch, it does get easier. xx


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