Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Just a quick snap whilst at the hairdressers this afternoon.
I need a serious clothes shop. I have lost weight, I have no warm clothes that fit me. This time last year I was roughly a 16 (at best) to 18 dress size. I am now a 12, possibly entering a 10 as some of my size 12 stuff is now getting a bit loose - yet I'm still not happy with my body, I need to tone up grrr.

I went out today in hot pants and the warmest, smallest sized top I could find. I was cold, even though it was still fairly mild weather in  Manchester. Brbrrrrrrrr! 

However, I have a problem, other than a lack of money from too much partying of course, ha. I made the mistake of buying new clothes earlier in the year, now with most of them being way too big for me. So do I just buy a couple of warmer pieces and hold off buying too much until I'm at a more stable dress size but then have to wear the same things a lot, or do I just go for it and to hell with the consequences?

Decisions decisions. What would you do? ;-) x

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