Thursday, October 3, 2013

Lola Rose Boutique 'Lily-Anne' Blue Sandstone Ring!

I love a bit of bling, sparkle, glitter... whatever. You all know this, I make no bones about it. So when I saw this ring, I absolutely had to have it. It's from the Lola Rose Boutique, a brand that seems to work a lot with the blue sandstone that this ring is largely made from - obviously other than the silver on the band itself.

This particular ring doesn't appear to be available any longer, but I wanted to show it to you anyway as I adore the blue sandstone in it, how it sparkles from the inside and how stunning it looked when it catches the light. In fact, whilst wearing the ring this weekend, I got a lot of compliments about it and how sparkly it is, what's not to love about that?!

The photographs do not do it justice, I couldn't catch the sparkle, so I did a bit of a video - my apologies, it's not the greatest video I've ever made, I was rather tipsy at the time.

Blue sandstone I believe is also called sunstone and goldstone, and also comes in an orange-y/gold colour too and a lot of jewellery made from it is to be found online, so even though this particular ring doesn't appear to be available (except maybe on eBay), I can guarantee that you will find something made in this, if you're also prone to magpie tendencies like me.

What do you think of it, is it something you'd wear? I'm actually going to to look for some matching jewellery for future nights out - not necessarily to be worn at the same time, just more statement, sparkly pieces.

Sorry for the phone quality images and video, they were all taken on a whim in a club when the ring caught my eye in the light, ha. x

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  1. That is bloody beautiful omg!

    Charlotte - xx

    1. It really is, isn't it. I adore that stone so much, wish it was available in different colours like pink and purple too haha. I don't want much, do I. x


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