Friday, October 29, 2010

Swatched - Sleek Bad Girl Palette!

Now I've got my mitts on one of these palettes, I thought I'd do a quick swatch for you. I took pictures in varying lights/slightly different angles and all with flash (as it's been a dull day, at best), if it brightens up in the next few days then I will take more photo's with no flash.

I haven't put the product on as thickly as I could have done (which is more noticeable on the lighter colours) as I wanted to show you a true colour pay off on the skin, without having to pile it on. Obviously if/when you use the palette yourself, you can build up the colour as much or as little as you'd like, but the darker colours are highly pigmented - as you should see below.

Innocence - A shimmery white - but still quite subtle as doesn't apply heavily.
Gullible - A shimmery flesh tone, subtle and doesn't apply heavily, as above.
Blade - Shimmery/metallic silver (the lightest silver in the palette).
Gun Metal - Shimmery/metallic... gun metal grey.
Underground - Deeper grey (heading towards black) with slight metallic/sheen.
Noir - Fairly matte very dark brown, verging on black it seems.
Intoxicated - Metallic very dark olive green.
Envy - Even darker green that verges on the grey side, still metallic/shimmery.
Obnoxious - Fairly matte dark navy blue.
Abyss - Even deeper blue, seems fairly matte.
Twilight - Gorgeous metallic purple.
Rebel - Fairly matte purple that seems a bit more on the plummy side.

I totally recommend this palette, the colour payoff is superb and it actually lasts really well - after doing the swatches I left the colour on for a while and I didn't notice that much deterioration in the end result. It also didn't come off too easily when I was trying to remove it so I'm confident that I could wear these colours on a night out and not have to worry about it sliding off my face before the night is done.


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