Thursday, October 28, 2010

Swatched: Models Own - Silver With Silver Sparkle & Grey With Silver Sparkle!

I love eye shadows – especially those that are sparkly, shimmery or metallic, so it’s no surprise that I bought these when I saw them on sale recently. I’m a total magpie and was instantly drawn to the aforementioned elements of them and couldn’t wait to try them out.

I love them both, however I was surprised with how the ‘silver with silver sparkle’ applied as I expected more of a solid silver colour, but it turned out to be quite a sheer sparkly silver which is actually quite nice (although takes a bit more work to apply, I found); so thought I’d swatch them so you guys could see for yourselves.

I’ve tried to take pictures from different angles and against different backgrounds (in the pots) so that you could see how the light reflects off them.

The products last well once applied, just be aware that as these are powder shadows AND glitzy that you may want to take precautions to either preserve your already applied foundation/powder or do it after you have used these on your eyes as they do have the tendency to go everywhere. I also recommend either quite a sturdy eye shadow brush or even a foam one so it controls where the powder goes when you apply it.

Models Own posted this almost a year ago on their blog with instructions on how to ‘get the look’ (shown below) but I feel that these are still bang on the money for this season, especially over the festive period.

Available here (click) on the Models Own website at just a fiver each (or less if you buy more)!

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