Saturday, October 30, 2010

'Give 'Em The Eye' With This Lily Lolo 'Smoky Eye' Set

I’ve heard many good things about the Lily Lolo brand (and notice they’ve won their fair share of awards) but have yet to experience it myself; however I have found myself eyeing up this little set which looks gorgeous.

You may well realise by now that I am a sucker for metallic eyes right now, and this collection seems to be perfect for my little obsession, and party season too (I’m talking about this a lot, can you tell I’m excited yet?) – I can just imagine the seriously smoky, sexy eyes that could be created with these!

The items included in the set are free from harsh chemicals, parabens and bismuth oxychloride so you can feel confident that no nasties are going on your skin when you use them; and they’re cruelty free, so you can be sure that no animals have been harmed in the making of them too. I love these ethics; more of this please beauty companies.

The set comprises of:
  • Silver Dollar Mineral Eye Shadow – This is described as an ‘intense metallic silver’ – ooooh!
  • Brooklyn Black Mineral Eye Shadow – Described as a ‘matte black base with a high silver sparkle’ – aahhh!
  • Natural eyeliner in black – This is self explanatory, really.
  • Their best selling Pure Sable Brush - So you can apply it, innit!

All this for just £16.50, seems quite the bargain if you want to treat yourself, or somebody else (or both)! Surely it’s worth a punt? I’m hoping that I’ll be able to test and swatch these for you to help you make that decision.

If you just like the look of them and want to go for it straight away then you can buy them here:

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