Monday, November 1, 2010

Welcome To Movember, Like November, But Better!

Last month was Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I treated you to a whole world of beauty products that could be purchased in order to raise money for that fantastic cause. Now October has ended, the men have their chance to raise money for an equally important cause; awareness of cancers that affect men (including prostate and testicular cancer). This is not strictly beauty but as it’s such a good cause, we can let this one slip, right?

Now I’m not suggesting that you ladies should try to grow a moustache, or do a Julia Roberts with your underarm (or any other body) hair but you can still get involved.

You could attend an event that has been planned (find an event here ), or maybe register here to raise money and awareness as a ‘Mo Sista’ or as part of a team – this would give you the option to host your own event (if you wished).

If you don’t want to get totally immersed in the action then you could simply just donate using the ‘get involved’ link above, or show support to/sponsor any male you know who is taking part in the ‘tache growing challenge.

More information can be found on these sites: and

As a final note; I know I have spoken about the UK Movember site and events but this is all happening worldwide too, so for more information on things you can get involved with please visit the main Movember site here and select your country to do so.

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