Sunday, November 21, 2010

Swatches: Boots No7 'Precious Metals' Mini Nail Polish Set!

Part of the No7 limited edition Christmas range this year is a mini set of nail polishes. They’re 4mls each and there are 4 in the set. I am so impressed with the colours, they are amazing; they do need a few coats to get good coverage (copper and gold especially) but they do apply nicely, not quite on par with Essie but still great for the money.

I've posted a lot of similar pictures due to slight different angles/light showing the details in the polishes (especially the black and copper) and how they look against different backgrounds, so apologies for how picture-heavy the post is. 

Without Flash:

It’s a real shame they’re only mini bottles as I would happily buy full sized ones of at least 2 of them (but most likely all of them) individually or a gift pack containing them all as full sized products.

My opinion on each of the colours:

Gold – This is a real classy gold – not at all brash and with a satiny metallic effect.

Copper – Love this, it’s also got a slight satiny effect but also has shimmer included which emphasises the metallic finish. The copper colour is also very flattering to skin, something I didn’t think it would be. I’ve been pleasantly surprised here.

Black with gold shimmer – Possibly one of my favourite colours, the black works so well with the gold flecks, they reflect the light beautifully and the black provides the perfect background for them to stand out against.

Deep red-purple – This is the one shade that confused me with this set, as I can’t see the metal reference; am I missing something here? Anyway the colour is lovely regardless of its link to the metal theme. It is almost an exact dupe (but seems a touch darker) against my Essie Velvet Voyeur (autumn 2010 collection) polish.

With Flash:

Anyway, they’re £8 for the set from Boots stores and also online, however they are currently out of stock on the website; and there appears to be 2 choices of colour available, precious metals as shown here and smoky jewels ('swatch' below from boots website).

This set is perfect for a stocking filler gift, or even a secret santa – but is even more perfect if you want to keep them all to yourself (I don’t blame you at all for this decision).


  1. I bought these aswell and used my £5 No.7 voucher so I thought what a bargain :)
    I love the black with the gold glitter, think it's so christmassy :) x

  2. It really is, my phone camera doesn't do it justice. Great value, especially when using a voucher (hadn't even thought about that)! x

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