Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cutex Manicure Correction Pen - A Life Saver!

This isn’t the most glamorous product that I’ve ever written about, but it is a product that has very quickly become one of my must-have items when doing my nails – especially with a darker colour. I’m not perfect doing my nails, especially my right hand (as I am right handed) so this has been a lifesaver to me.

The tip is firm (which means it stays exactly where you apply it) and has a slim end so you can get into the small areas that are likely to get polish smudged into; and you can also, you can use the corner of the tip for even smaller areas as that is the perfect size to do so.

I find that it’s better to hold the tip still, let the remover soak into the offending polish and then swipe it away, rather than scrubbing or rubbing it away as doing that just risks ruining even more of your manicure.

I’ve tried this with quite a lot of my nail polishes and it’s always managed to sort mistakes out – even with the harder to remove polishes and colours. It’s also a lot easier than I’ve experienced when using a cotton bud/q-tip to try to do the same job.

It's non-acetone so can be used on both false and natural nails, and I paid just 99p from my local Home Bargains, but you can get it online for about £2 (I've seen it on eBay). You get 4ml of product inside the pen and it lasts really well, I guess because you’re only using a little bit at a time, so in my opinion it represents really good value.

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