Thursday, November 11, 2010

Swatched - Sleek Graphite V Sleek Bad Girl Palette!

I've been told that a few people think that the Bad Girl palette is very similar to the Sleek Graphite palette that was released as a limited edition palette about a year ago. I can see the resemblance, in that they’re both quite dark and have silvers in, but personally I do feel they're different enough to warrant owning both.

I thought I would swatch them so that you can see what you think about this for yourself, side by side.

First up is the Graphite Palette!

Now Bad Girl:

Without flash (Top Graphite, Bottom Bad Girl)

 Graphite palette:
Bad Girl palette:


Greys and silvers - close but not exact though!


Bad Girl has a mix of matte and shimmer finishes.
Bad Girl has blues, and greeny grey hues included.
The purples are actually quite different in both palettes.
Graphite has very dark shimmery, almost black hues.
Bad girl has dark, but browny hues that are quite matte.


  1. lovely post.. thanks for the swatches! :)

  2. not wonder i felt in love with sleek graphite when i first saw it. it looks alot like the bad girl palette


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