Sunday, November 28, 2010

Swatches: OPI & Katy Perry 'Sparkle and Shatter' Collection - Pic Heavy!

I’m so lucky, today I received a package containing 3 of the OPI and Katy Perry nail polishes (yes, post on a Sunday – definitely getting near Christmas now)!

The colours I have are: Teenage Dream, Last Friday Night and Black Shatter; and I have spent all day taking pictures, trying to get the best lighting and generally failing.

I’ve even swatched on my fingers this time, since I’ve already shown you swatches on false nails previously (my fingers look weird on every picture I took (which is why I usually use the nail wheel), I don’t know why this happens so please excuse them). I also haven’t cleaned up my cuticles where I’ve accidently brushed the polish on – this is because I wanted to get them up asap for you!

As ever, I’ve tried to get different angles and lighting to show the polish to you in the best way that I can, so this is picture heavy.


Last Friday Night:

^ (the last picture had 3 coats, the rest had 2 decent coats)

Teenage Dream:

^ (the third picture has 3 coats, the rest just 2 good coats)

 With Black Shatter (over 3 coats of the glitter, no topcoat):

I've taken the pictures below as I was hoping to show you the consistancy of the polish, it's very thick and quite gel-like but it applies well and dries reasonably quickly too.


  1. are selling these! I bought the katy perry mini pack which gives you all shades for £12.75! Colours are stunning xx

  2. Thee look a lot like the ltd ed asian collection of a few years back? reflecting pool and rosy reflection or something?

  3. That's really handy to know, thanks lovely. x

    I'll have to have a look into the Asian collection and will get back once I've found out - I hadn't noticed but definitely worth looking into. :-)


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