Tuesday, November 9, 2010

NUBAR G180 Star Sparkle - Swatches!

I love sparkles, I make no secret of this fact and I think one of the best places for me to have my sparkle and glitter (aside from jewellery) is on my nails; be it an odd nail with full on sparkle, a light coat to give all nails a twinkle or maybe just doing the tips over another polish – basically I have an assortment of ways to get my fix.

This polish satisfies my need for sparkle perfectly. It has an overall silver glitter effect but if you look closely you will see little rainbow sparkles glistening within it - like tiny little jewels. I’ve tried to capture this in the photo’s that I’ve taken but my photography skills currently leave a lot to be desired, especially without the use of my main (albeit point and shoot) camera. I've also photographed the swatch on a variety of backgrounds, in different lights (all with flash though) so that you get different perspectives of it.

3 coats of the polish have been used to get this density, no topcoat or basecoat has been used.

For a glitter polish it actually lasts rather well and is not too rough to the touch – something that has put me off (slightly) with cheaper glitter polishes in the past. Any roughness is eased with a couple of coats of topcoat anyway, something I like to do regardless of the type of polish as I find it helps immensely when you need the polish to last longer.

I have wanted to have Swarovski crystals on my nails ever since I saw them on TV and at the Professional Beauty event, but it cost a fortune to have them done so this nail polish seems like a decent choice to give me that kind of sparkle in the interim – at least until I can justify spending that kind of money to Mr BeautyScoop.

** If you're coming to this page from my Professional Beauty Haul post, apologies for the picture qualiry, quantity and lack of real nail - this is a very old post! x **

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