Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sleek Christmas 'Sparkle' i-Divine Palette - Sneak Preview Swatch!

I saw Sleek talking about an upcoming limited edition Christmas ‘Sparkle’ palette a few days ago and I was instantly intrigued by it. Their exact wordings in relation to the palette were:

“Ok so for all of you that hate sparkly glitter laden eyeshadows - just ignore Sleek MakeUPs Christmas palette launch!”


“We’ve actually been working on a sparkle palette for 2 years it is so difficult to do!! Disco fever, meets Xmas sparkles= Sparkle :) December”

I’ve been so excited and have wanted to find out more ever since! So when Sleek posted this preview swatch earlier on Twitter I just had to post it up, especially for those of you who didn’t see it. So here it is their little preview of their planned Christmas palette.

Release date will be announced in a few weeks, but is said to be near to Christmas (to be expected, really).

What do you think of it? I think it looks VERY promising, can't wait to see the rest of the colours.

Bad Girl Palette Swatches here:


  1. Great Blog! Wow love the colours, I am partial to some sparkles

  2. Thanks lovely, I'm glad you like it. I am also rather partial to some sparkle, and what greater excuse than at Christmas. xx

  3. hi claire,
    SORRY! didnt mean to offend, tought it was a google image from "sleek's" twitter.
    have amended post.


  4. wow this is a really old post. But i bought this Christmas limited edition in 2013 and i thought it was really cool. I have been looking for it since then and i thought to check online if i would find it or something similar. I didn't even know it was a limited edition, i have not used any other eye shadow since that one finished. i wish i could find it to buy again else good bye to eye shadow.


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