Saturday, October 16, 2010

Goodness 'Grey'cious Me!

This year I have noticed quite a few reports on and pictures of celebrities with grey hair; not only celebrities that are showing off their naturally grey hair and being proud of it (e.g. Kristen McMenamy), but also that celebrities who don’t yet have grey hair that have been dying it silver/grey as a fashion statement (e.g. Kelly Osbourne).

Kristen Jamie Pink Pixie

I’m quite intrigued by this as being grey has always seemed to be a no-no when it came to being in the spotlight. If only the grey hair revolution had happened whilst I was at school, it could have saved me a lot of embarrassment all those years ago; if you want to know why then just carry on reading...

I had an unfortunate incident after a visit to the hairdresser once, when I was in my early teens. I was actually going there to get some blonde highlights (using a cap eeek) in my hair as it was the thing to do at the time (around the same time as the ‘Rachel’ haircut actually) and naturally I wanted to fit in with my school friends; so off I went with my mum to have it done.

Once it was done and I had seen my hair in their mirror things were all seemingly fine, that was until I got home and I had chance to have a look at my hair in my own mirror! I got such a shock, they had left the bleach on for so long that my ‘blonde’ highlights were actually white, and mixed in with my brown hair it gave it an overall grey appearance. I hadn’t noticed until later because under the hairdressers lights it had looked more blonde than white, so I had left there happy. 

Predictably when I went to school the next day people were asking me why I had dyed my hair grey like a grandma, I had hoped they wouldn’t notice but in all fairness in the broad light of day it was a lot more noticeable. Now because kids are kids, for the following few weeks I was renamed Granny, Grandma, and Nana etc etc which is funny now, but at the time was mortifying (especially after the ‘Cuthbert’ incident I suffered when I was about 9 – that’s a story for another post though). Luckily it wasn’t permanent but the stress of it going wrong could have quite easily made it that way!

So what do you guys make of these ‘grey’ celebrities? Would you ever be brave enough to not cover up any naturally grey hair you have, or if you’re not already grey would you ever be so bold as to dye it grey or silver?


  1. Love this look, I could never pull it off though xxx

  2. Me either, or at least not from what I remember, ha. I think I would just look old and haggard! x

  3. All these celebrities with grey hair are looking so elegant. The pictures of these ladies are urging me to keep my hair black. Also must check essay writing services UK to learn more info to complete your thesis work. So, I have an appointment at salon next week to put my hair done grey.


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