Monday, December 6, 2010

Burts Bees Lip Shimmer - Watermelon (Including Swatches)

I’m a big fan of Burts Bees Lip Balms, they’re handy to have by your side and they moisturise your lips beautifully, but what they’re lacking in is a bit of colour. You see I don’t always want to have to make the decision to either have a bit of colour on my lips, or to moisturise them – especially if I’m out and about and not just sat at home; so when I was sent this Lip Shimmer, I was instantly curious to see how well it did both of the tasks.

Now, for your information I was sent the Watermelon variety – and I was sat there thinking that watermelon would be referring to the smell or taste of the product, but alas I was wrong as the balm is actually very minty and tingles on your lips a little bit – which I quite like. The watermelon reference is obviously a nod to the actual shade of the Lip Shimmer (I can't believe this didn't occur to me, ha), and I absolutely love it.

The colour isn’t a full on hit of colour, but it does succeed in giving me the hint of colour that I was missing at times in an ordinary lip balm along with a gorgeous pearly shimmer. I like the natural look of this; it’s perfect for me during the day or even in the evening if I’m going for strong eyes that usually require more neutral lips.

With Flash:

What’s also important is the moisturising qualities of the balm, I was impressed with this too – and whilst it didn’t feel as obviously moisturising (heavy) on the lips as a normal balm, I did notice that my lips felt in generally quite nice condition after wearing it, and definitely better than if I’d just worn a normal lipstick or gloss.

Without Flash:

All in all I’d say this lip shimmer is a bit of a winner – and a bargain at just £5.99 each. In fact I've just found a few of the shades a little cheaper:

Colours available are:



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