Tuesday, December 21, 2010

TriPollar STOP - Session One!

So I’ve now had my first STOP session, I thought I’d report back my thoughts. I rather enjoyed it actually, the warm feeling on my face was lovely and relaxing and it actually felt like I was having a proper facial – aside from the fact that I was doing it myself. Next time I think I may get Mr Beauty Scoop to do it for me, and then I can just relax and enjoy the experience whilst he makes himself useful – ha!

I found it very easy to use the device, doing circular motions around my face until just after the light on it turned orange, indicating that it had reached optimum temperature in that area. I think my first session was more like 30 minutes or so, but that was more to do with following instructions and wanting to make sure I did it all correctly.

Sometimes my concentration lapsed ever so slightly whilst carrying out the treatment and the device did get a bit too warm on my skin which reminded me to keep it moving, it wasn’t boiling hot and I did not injure myself in doing this either. In the video I watched, it did say that my face may go slightly red after the treatment, and it did (well during, actually) but this went away very quickly and left no further redness or marks.

I haven’t noticed an immediate change in my skin, but I am keeping it in mind that this is only my first treatment out of about 24 so I’m not expecting miracles - at least not straightaway, anyway. My next ‘treatment’ is tonight, and from then on I will probably only do once weekly updates, unless I there’s any specific reason or change to my skin that means I feel that I should update you sooner.

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